Sunday, June 29, 2014

Phuket 2014: Beauty and Food Diary (Picture Heavy)

You know two things Singaporeans are good at doing are shopping and eating. I am a self professed expert at these two things. Heh! I love love Thai food. So Phuket was heaven for me. I get to eat all the Phad Thai, Tom Yum and mango sticky rice I want.

I am going to share with you stuff we ate and saw during our Phuket trip and get those napkins ready and prepare to drool.

Phad Thai
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Since it is the low season many restaurants around Bang Tao area are quite deserted. We visited Chaba restaurant which was located just outside Laguna Phuket. They even often free transfers once you have eaten back to our resort. The food was decent. 

Chaba Restaurant

Stir fried beef
Crabmeat omelette
Fried morning glory aka fried kang kong for Singaporeans
Non spicy seafood soup
Pineapple rice
Battered calamari and assorted vegetables
It is embarrassing to admit but when I go to Thailand I home in on the nearest Fuji Restaurant that sells fantastic Japanese food at very reasonable prices. I gorge on salmon sashimi which is always served in thick juicy slices. But no salmon sashimi pictures today, I think you are sick of seeing those right? I love the california rolls too. Just heavenly! Silly hubs had to take a picture of me gorging on food, it is not pretty, you have been warned.

Not a usual sighting, the Samurai Pork burger from Mcdonalds. Sold in Singapore for a very brief period before it went halal. It was just so so.

Finally, the king of fruits! It was in season and the supermarket Big C was selling them. I was drooling away when I saw them. I gave in and bought two packets back. On hindsight it was terribly inconsiderate of us cos Mr. A's car smelled of durians afterwards. I felt kinda bad. We didn't manage to sneak it into our resort because even with saran wrap, the durian gave itself away. We promised not to eat them inside our room and thankfully the people at the hotel let us have our durian. Bless you! We sat on our roof top balcony and had the best durian ever! The seed was very small so it was all sweet creamy flesh. I developed such a hankering for it that when I got back home I hunted for more durians to eat. I can't stop thinking about the durians shown here though. So so good.

Finally my non eventful beauty haul from Changi and Phuket DFS. I picked up on some SKII to try and gave in and bought more Dior Fluid Sticks. I had my eye on Rieuse but was out of stock in Changi but I managed to find it in Phuket.

These are some of the items I used regular for makeup while I was in Phuket. The weather was warm and humid just like Singapore so I kept my makeup light and I used stuff that were basically bullet proof in warm weather. Gone were days where I literally packed everything I had only to realise that I use less than one quarter of the stuff. I was slightly smarter about packing makeup items.

My tools
I left all my eye shadow brushes at home because I mainly used my fingers to blend my eye shadows. I brought my trusty Sigma foundation brush because if anything happens to it I won't feel as bad as if I brought my Tom Ford or Koyudo. My Make Up For Ever blush brush (I love how easy it is to blend my blushes with it), my portable Hakuhodo brush for face powder application and my eye brow brush (totally essential). Well groomed eyebrows are a must for me.

Face and Cheeks
Because of the humid weather there, everything must be able to withstand longs hours, heat and sweat. These got me through everyday still looking fresh.

I brought long wearing, budge proof eye makeup. 

And finally my lipsticks. I only used half of what I brought with me. My staples were the Shiseido lipstick which was a very flattering natural lipstick on me and for a pop of colour my Guerlain Rouge G in Gracy and Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball in Sigh. Most the lipsticks I chose were emollient and sheer in formula (except for the Guerlain and NARS) which worked well on my parched lips.

So what makeup items do you never fail to bring along with you? If you had to pick just 5 items what would you bring?


  1. Awesome photos!!! I already miss the food in bangkok and krabi! Do check out my krabi holiday posts! I broke my trip down into four blog post all full of food too! I love springrolls and coconuts in thailand. I don't care I ordered springrolls almost every day at least once because they are great in thailand and fried rice and fried noodles! The calamari and crabmeat omelette looks great too! I love how you've brought lots of cream based waterproof products! I wore a high coverage bb cream with a lot of buffed powder on top on the days I did wear more make up and I also brought cream eyeshadows and super waterproof mascara and of course lip balm! Love the bits you picked up at the duty free! I bought bits at changi!

    1. I saw all your posts for Krabi babe I definitely want to go there in the near future. Your food pics had me drooling. Yup beach holidays means lots of waterproof and long wearing makeup. I like looking presentable everywhere which my hubs and son don't understand. I love DFS shopping, I am always planning what to haul when I go overseas.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Phuket too, lots of good food and shopping :) Thai is my favourite too. On my recent vacation to Penang, I brought similar makeup items too. BB cream, waterproof liquid eyeliner, l'oreal infallible eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, cream blush (canmake), moisturising lipsticks (MQ True Rouge) and a couple of lipglosses. I regret not buying a travel exclusive trio of EL color envy lipsticks at the airport as we were hurrying to board the plane. Duty free buys are a really good deal! btw what are the shade names of your laura mercier caviar sticks and the shiseido lipstick? TQ!

    1. Hey Jan, I'm so sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy lately. I guess when travelling to tropical places like Asia it is best to lug our long wearing waterproof makeup. I always look at the travel exclusives and drool over them but in the end I don't buy them. Especially the lipsticks, somehow I don't ever find a set where I would love all the colours, there will always be colours I won't use so. My Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are Rosegold (my fav lid shade), Sand Glow and Khaki. And my Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer is RS 508 Romance, my favourite natural lippie. :)


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