Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hakuhodo J110 Blush Brush Round & Flat

When my bestie decided to go to Japan for the holidays I made her hunt for Hakuhodo brushes for me. I had a few items on my wish list but unfortunately they were out of stock so this was the only Hakuhodo brush I managed to get. No worries though, Hakuhodo will be having a fair soon at Takashimiya. I think all the beauty fanatics are waiting with bated breath for news of it.

My blush collection is getting uncontrollable, which in turn means I need more blush brushes so that I don't need to wash them so frequently. 

(Information taken from Hakuhodo US website)


Our best selling and must-have blusher brush! Carefully designed bristles are ideal for producing natural coloring effortlessly. You can easily obtain natural blending of color and its controllability is excellent.

Pre washed

After washing, you can see that it has puffed up. 

I am beginning to love white bristles more, the black ones tend to bleed a little after each wash.

Compared with the Koyudo Fu Pa
Compared with Hakuhodo J531 which I use for bronzer application
As compared with my favourite Koyudo blush brush, I find that the J110 has softer bristles and gives a sheerer blush application when compared with it. As you can see the head is also bigger.

The J110 goes for 4515 yen, about SGD $57. It is something you might want to consider getting if you are looking for a soft quality blush brush.

I love all my Hakuhodo brushes, I have had some for almost 3 years, they are still in perfect condition.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. B110 was my first blush brush from Hakuhodo! But I don't like it very much. Took me a long time before I found a way of using it that works for me but it isn't a fav application technique so I don't use this brush now.. I much prefer the smaller firmer 210/J210.

    1. I'm currently using it as a bronzer brush because I find the head a tad too big as a blush brush for me.

  2. OOO dang, this looks good! A friend went to Japan recently as well, and I asked her to pick up a couple of brushes for me. I can't wait to finally get them and play with them!

    1. Hey Sunny, you are going to love them! I'm looking forward to seeing what you picked as well.

  3. Hakuhodo is coming back SOON?? o.O Any idea when??
    I love their eye brushes but I was disappointed that the J531 that cost SGD91 sheds. It shed 2-3 hairs per use initially and is now less severe, maybe 1 hair every 3 uses? For a brush of this price, it is not acceptable. I remember you blogged that you bought it too. How was your experience with it?

    1. Hi Shumin, I'm so sorry to hear about your J531. For that kind of price, it shouldn't shed so much. So far mine has not shed any hairs yet. I use it almost everyday to apply my bronzer. Is this the only Hakuhodo brush you have? Does the others shed as well?

    2. I have 4 natural and 1 synthetic hair hakuhodo brushes (1 eyebrow brush, the rest are eye brushes) and none of them ever shed a single hair. I don't even use the J531 every day. Guess my J531 must be a dud then, even though my google search came up with one person saying the same thing on a forum. I wrote an email to hakuhodo, shall wait and see if they will reply. Thanks for replying so quickly! :)


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