Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss No. 108 swatches and review

I was visiting Crystine who is a MA at the Giorgio Armani counter at DFS Scotts. (She also has a blog, called Not A Makeup Blog, what a cute name!) I was buying a Flash Lacquer as a gift for a friend. Anyway I was so happily swatching and bewitched by the iridescent shimmer that I decided to pick another for myself.

I am kind of enamored by these Flash Lacquers. I received a press sample of No. 202 Brown which I fell in love with and so I wanted to pick up more.  I was really hoping to pick up a pigmented shade hopefully in a fuchsia or pink with shimmer but couldn't find any. I thought 108 would be a lovely gloss to layer over my warm toned lipsticks.

I fell in love with the beautiful golden shimmer that comes with this gloss. It does not feel gritty on the lips and thankfully not tacky either. I hate tacky lip glosses. Here I have 108 layered over my Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip liner in 2C. The golden shimmer isn't very obvious.

Here is my natural look I did to go out and have lunch with the hubs. Can't tell that I was sick right?

Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation

Danniel Sandler watercolour blush in Flush
Guerlain Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder and Blush

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
Lancome Artliner

Top to bottom: 528, 202 and 108

Top to bottom: 202, 528 and 108
Anyway I can't help thinking that my original 202 gloss could have also done the job of layering over my warm toned lipsticks. 202 looks more pigmented whereas 108 is sheerer. This isn't a dud in anyway, just that it is too similar to 202 to justify buying it.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. It is such a beautiful warm shade, i can totally see myself layering this with a red or brownish shade but that's too bad that the other one is a replica!

    1. Sharlynn, if you are a gloss kinda girl you will love these. They aren't too tacky.

  2. it's disappointing that is was so similar to another shade, but still! They're super gorgeous!!

    1. Hey Miss Louise, yup. I alternate between the two so that at least both get a little love.

  3. Lovely look and the gloss is so pretty, love the golden shimmer. I have a tendency to pick myself up something when I'm buying for others as well ;)

    1. Hey Clare, yup can't help ourselves can we? I will always see something interesting and in the end I will have to get it.


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