Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball in Sigh

Lipstick Queen is founded by Poppy King who used to also own a lipstick line called Poppy King if I'm not mistaken quite a few years back. I remember going to Tangs many years ago and being enamoured by the beautiful array of lipsticks. I think my lipstick hoarder instinct started then. I would visit Tangs almost every month and choose a Poppy King lipstick to go home with me.

When I first heard about Lipstick Queen I was curious unfortunately it wasn't available in Singapore. I didn't feel the need to get them online. I am so happy to see Lipstick Queen being carried in Tangs Orchard. While I was choosing my second Diptyque scent, I happened upon the Lipstick Queen counter. Of all the lipsticks available, I was drawn to the Butterfly Ball which had interesting flashes on blue in all the lipsticks.

(Taken from Lipstick Queen website)

The light, airy and magical look of the butterfly wing is the ultimate in glamour produced exclusively by Mother Nature. All the subtle Butterfly Ball shades pay tribute to this. They are as sheer as a butterfly wing with a beautiful hint of shimmer and Iridescence when they catch the light. The formula is incredibly wet, soft and moisturizing to condition your lips, while dressing them at the same time. 

The subtle flash of blue pearl in each shade is flattering on the lips and helps teeth appear whiter. 

Super moisturizing and conditioning with aloe vera and vitamins E, C and B. 

Contains film formers to help seal in moisture.

There are a total of 7 shades.

Float - Pale shimmering nude
Hot - Hot shimmering pink
Goodbye - Deep shimmering wine
Moment - Sexy shimmering red
Sigh - Warm wistful mauve
Smitten - Soft Rosebud Blush
Trance -  Subtle shimmering raspberry

Sigh is a pretty medium sheer plummy mauve shade on my lips. I don't think the blue flashes helps to make my teeth whiter but they are gorgeous to look at. It is very forgiving on my lips because it doesn't dry it out. 

I am pleased to get Sigh. I love the colour and how it looks on my lips. It is USD $22 however I bought it at SGD $35 at the local counters. I wish the markup wasn't so high though. Would I get another shade? Perhaps.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. The texture looks pretty balmy! U look so cute with the kitty ears!

    1. It is very balmy and quite moisturing to boot. But the shades and packaging isn't exciting enough for me to get more. Those ears cost me $5 :) thanks babe.


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