Saturday, May 3, 2014

By Terry Baume De Rose SPF 15

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This protective repairing balm offers complete lip care and regenerates nail contours.

An intensive formula concentrated with precious active ingredients: Restructuring and soothing Essential Rose Wax, nourishing and emollient Floral Oils, hydrating and anti-aging Bio-ceramides, anti free radical and protective UV filters.

My favourite Chanel Hydramax Active lip care was running out, originally I was going to stock it up at the DFS at Changi during the December holidays but I couldn't find it anywhere. While browsing online, I came across excellent reviews of the Baume De Rose and decided to pick it up while I was at Tangs one day. I bought this for SGD $90 which on hindsight is way too much to pay for a lip balm. It only costs USD $60 online. This better give me lips as soft as a baby's bottom.

Left to right: Chanel and By Terry
The Baume De Rose has a distinctive rose smell and has a thicker consistency than my favourite Chanel lip balm. When applied, it feels tacky and gives me a pale pink cast to my lips if I happen to use too much for it. 

It does a great job moisturizing my lips. I love using this just before I sleep. The next morning my lips are soft and pillowy. This is something you would want if you are looking for intense hydration.

I usually like to apply lip balm just before lipstick application. Doing this ensures that my lips are in tip top condition and my lipstick applies more smoothly and looks good. I find that Baume De Rose just gives me too much slip which makes my lipstick go all over the place. I can't use this with my creamy bright lipsticks. I still prefer my Chanel for this purpose as it is of thinner consistency.

I'm kinda on the fence about this Baume De Rose. On one hand I really like its moisturising properties but I had originally wanted this to replace my Chanel lip balm which I use as a pre lipstick application prep and for that purpose, it doesn't do such a great job for me. I also have a niggling feeling that for a $90 price tag, it should be well worth it which I don't feel it is.

Well Baume De Rose isn't for me. Guess I'll go hunting my my trusty old Hydramax once I'm done with this.

Ratings: 2 lipsticks


  1. Hey Jacqueline, I'm sorry to hear this is not really for you! I get your point though. I can't use a thick layer of balm prior to lipstick application, either. I think the Chanel Hydramax lip balm has been replaced by the new Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care. I hope it's just as good! Keep me posted if you decide to try it out!

  2. I recommend Rosebud's Mocha Rose Balm, and it smells delicious too! It's marked up at Sephora so best buy online.


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