Sunday, May 18, 2014

Burberry Lip Cover and Lip Definer Bright Plum

After my initial taste of plummy lips with Guerlain's Rouge G Gigolo, I am hooked and I wanted to try some more. I was actually hunting for a good plum lip liner to go with Gigolo and was looking at them at Dior because I love their lip liners. Unfortunately they don't have any to match plum lipsticks so I headed for my second favourite lip liner which was Burberry. I ended up with Bright Poppy lip liner. I made the mistake of swatching Bright Plum Lip Cover too and I decided I had to bring both home with me.

Lip Covers are one of my favourite lipstick formulas. They are rich and creamy. They provide just enough slip and are very kind of my lips. You can read about the formula and what I think of it in detail in my first lip cover post here.

Bright Plum is just as it is named, a bright plummy shade. Totally not goth looking.

Like my red lips, I like to wear plum lips with a stronger eye liner look and soft pink cheeks.

Here is a comparison of Gigolo on the right and Bright Plum on the left. Honestly they are quite similar with the exception that Gigolo is slightly more opaque in terms of finish and looks slightly redder in bright sunlight as compared to Bright Plum. I can't tell the difference when they are on my lips. You don't need to own both.

Bright Plum at SGD $43 is the cheaper version as compared to Gigolo.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Hey Jacqueline, OMG woman this looks so hot on you! You should really wear plum more often!

    1. Blush! Thank you Sunny. I am really into plums now, which should be my next to try?

  2. Burberry lip covers has fantastic formula but I just hope they can come up with more exciting variety of shades.

    1. Agreed! What kind of colours are you hoping to see babe? I'm hoping for summery colours like a spicy coral.


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