Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sponsored Post: ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Beauty and Sunscreen on Face Beauty Light

I'm not sure where I read this but sunscreem is supposed to be the best anti-aging skincare you can apply for your face and I believe in that wholeheartedly. In our sunny Singapore, I don't go anywhere without some sort of sunscreen. I have been using my Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50 for the longest time because hey I am a big beauty snob, so what a pleasant surprise when it came to trying these two little gems.

 (Information taken from press kit)

Provides skincare functions that protects skin from external damages while retaining moisture ORBIS SUNSCREEN ON FACE products contains Skin Environment Control Powder that protects skin under various conditions. When skin is dry the powder provides moisture, when the skin starts to get shiny the powder absorbs sweat. Shiny T-zone will be a thing of the past with this powder working its magic. These sunscreens work more like beauty serums rather than just sunscreen! They contains 80% moisturizing ingredients such as Rosemary Extract and Raw Sugar Extract to help keep your skin moisturised all day.

Newly developed powder ingredient creates more radiant and brighter appearance! Special Ultra-white Lighting Powder does not discolor or dull upon contact with sebum. It stays white, enabling your skin to stay fresh and bright over time.

Smooth, light and moisturizing sunscreen with high UV protection of SPF 34, PA+++ for daily use SUNCREEN ON FACE products do not contain UV absorbers, an ingredient commonly found in sunscreen products which sometimes are the cause of allergic reactions in users. ORBIS limits the use of UV absorbers as it does not affect the effectiveness of sunscreen products. SUNSCREEN ON FACE products can provide sun-protection essential for daily use and being oil-free, it protects your skin from unnecessary oxidation that may cause skin damage.

Different textures suited for different skin types.
  • SUNSCREEN ON FACE BEAUTY: cream type and is suitable for dry skin
  • SUNCREEN ON FACE BEAUTY LIGHT: lotion type with a lighter texture and is suitable for oily skin
Key Ingredients
  1. Special Ultra-white Lighting Powder to improve finish.
  2. Skin Environment Control Powder to control skin condition by moisturizing the dry part of the skin and absorbing sweat when it starts to get shiny.
  3. Barrier Veil Protector, Water resistant UV ray (UV-A&B) scattering agent.
  4. Rosemary Extract, Raw Sugar Extract and other moisturizing ingredients derived from plants.
  5. Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, a moisturizing ingredient (found in cream based BEAUTY only).
  6. Base Fix Components to Improve adhesion of SUNSCREEN ON FACE on the skin (found in lotion based BEAUTY LIGHT only)
There are two versions available. I gravitate towards the Light version because I have normal to oily skin. The Light version has to be shaken before use and has a snozzle to squeeze product out.

The normal version features a squeeze tube.

Left to right: Light version versus normal version
As you can see, the light version is runnier and has a more liquid consistency whereas the normal version is a cream version. That being said the normal version features a light weight cream consistency which actually feel lightweight and sheer on the skin.

Both have a beige / grey (griege?) shade to it. On my NC35 skin tone, it is not visible. Both apply matte on my face and I'm sorely tempted to skip my primer because it works just as well as a base for my foundation.

I think that the ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Beauty and Beauty Light are great sunscreen at an affordable price. Both feel light weight on the skin and dries down to a matte finish. The normal version isn't heavy at all and does not feel tacky so I'm going out on a limb and say that if you have oily skin it is possible for you to try the normal version too. It is up to your preference.

These do not produce a white cast and photograph well. They work well with my foundations and can be worn alone under foundations or with primers. I only wish they had a higher SPF. I think these will suit well with ladies who work in an office environment but you will probably have to leave these at home if you are going on a beach holiday.

Wearing the Face Beauty under my MUFE HD Foundation with no primer

Beauty 35g SGD $15
Beauty Light 28 ml SGD $15

Ratings: 4 lipsticks (If only you came in a higher SPF)

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. Sounds great and oh my, this price point sold here is super affordable! I totally must check out their skincare next time im in town!

    1. And check out their petit shakes too, they taste great!

  2. The price is really reasonable!! Where can I find Orbis in SG??

    1. Hey KS, you can get them at Robinsons, ORBIS has counters there. :)

  3. That's good to know that they have two versions. I agree that the one we tried yesterday is mattifying :) I'll check their counter again and check if there's any samples for me to try :)

    1. I think you will enjoy them Meryl, to save time I've actually skipped on my primers.


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