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Project Swap: Paul & Joe Cheek Color Refills 02 Re-Belle, 04 Cinema and 07 Prima Donna swatches and reviews

Today I have with me Paul and Joe's Cheek Color Refills which Miaka from Miaka's Life and Loves has kindly loaned to me. I just love playing with new makeup, so it is so much fun to have a makeup addict as a neighbour. I get to meet Miaka around our community playground or void deck just to chat about makeup and swap "toys". I have to confess I have been using Miaka as an alibi for bringing more new makeup home.

Hubs (raising his eye brows) : "Did you just buy new makeup again?"
Me: "Nope, they are on loan from Miaka."
Hubs (looking suspicious): "These look very new."
Me: "Miaka is very generous, she lets me play with her new things." (crossing fingers behind my back)
Hubs: "Hm....."

So shh...... don't give away my secret okay.

Paul and Joe is known for very pretty and cute packaging. Very Japanese. I kinda like my makeup to come in sleek and classy packaging instead.

I am featuring the refills which come with a transparent plastic casing. You can buy the blush casing for SGD $12 at if you are OCD about your blush coming in pretty cases. There are a total of 10 shades.

(Taken from website)

Paul & Joe Cheek Color are luxurious blush duos designed to contour and highlight facial features.

Specially designed to be stored in the new Paul & Joe Cheek Color Compact, these luxurious blushers are part of the new and totally customisable Cheek Color Collection for Spring 2013. These new shade duos compliment any style or attitude and make changing your cheek colour as swift as changing your mood or outfit.

Simply pop your favourite shade combination into the new retro-meets modern compact (sold separately) for effortless beauty on-the-go. Infused with moisturising ingredients such as Hibiscus Flower Extract and Orange Flower Water, Cheek Color I is also blended with Jojoba Oil and White Lily Extract to hydrate the skin without irritation.

Cheek Color I leaves the cheeks with a healthy flush of colour and each shade features two hues which can be blended together or worn alone to contour, highlight and illuminate the face.

Please note: Cheek Color Compact I is sold separately and is not included with Paul & Joe Cheek Color I.

Shades Available:
01 Secret D'Or – A luxurious champagne gold combined with a delicate yellow to create the ultimate golden sparkle.
02 Re Belle – A blissful blend of shining rose and warm apricot designed for breathtakingly neutral looks.
03 Gigi – This soft and sweet duo of pinks is a must for timeless glamour.
04 Cinema – A playful coral duo that evokes a retro vibe.
05 Gamine – An earthy, natural pink duo designed to create the impression of artless style.
06 Mon Ami – Deep and sensual shades of lavender and dusty rose are ideal for a charming look.
07 Prima Donna – This bright pink and caramel duo creates a classic, energetic look.
08 Candy – These two cheerful hues are ideal for making cheeks flush with a summer glow.
09 Peaches 'n' Cream – Soft gold and peach tones create a peachy-keen finish.
10 Ombrage – A rusty gold and bronze duo ideal for giving the cheeks a sun kissed glow.

The refills are selling for SGD $24.90 with free delivery to Singapore. I think that is a pretty good deal although I have to say I have not bought stuff from them before. So order at your own risk.

Here I have No. 02 Re Belle on my cheeks. I love this with strong lip colours. I was very silly I returned Re Belle to Miaka before I could take arm swatches. My mistake. You can view Miaka's swatches of it over here.

Left to right: Lighter shade, darker shade and mixed

No. 04 Cinema has hints of coral and orange. I like that there are two colours which you can mix around and customise. You can view Miaka's swatches of it over here. I have to agree with her that the colours on the pan do not look like the arm swatches. They are sheerer and have less pigment.

Left to right: Lighter shade, darker shade and mixed

No. 07 Prima Donna consists of a brown pink and a warm pink coral shade. You can view Miaka's swatches of it over here.

Left to right: Cinema and Prima Donna
Overall, I love the quality of these Paul and Joe blushes. They might look very strong in the pan and but they are very wearable. The powder is soft and blendable and lasts about 4 hours on my cheeks. They might not be very pigmented but application is very easy with these. No clown cheeks. I love the price point. At SGD $25, these are quality blushes that won't burn a hole in your wallet. I can see why Miaka loves these.

Which blush do I love best? It has to be Prima Donna. I love the warm rosy pink it gives me when I swirl by brush around both shades.

Ratings: 4+ lipsticks


  1. Omg, you've convinced me! I've put these into my basket on beauty bay and took them out so many times because I'm trying to save but I've wanted two or three of these for sooo long! I love the lighter duo and prima donna!

    1. Great choices Sharlynn, do let me know if you go through with your haul and how was the service on beauty bay? Honestly great blushes are the ones that aren't overly pigmented but show up and stay on cheeks. I think these are great buys. Enjoy your haul :)

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  3. Jacq!! Now we all know your secret, haha.

    My favourite is also prima Donna!

  4. The conversation between you and your hubby is cute :D Yes prima donna looks bold but it looks beautiful on you!

    1. So my dear, now you know why I choose not yo take the paper bags in the stores right? So I can hide them from hubs!


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