Friday, April 18, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 120 Soft Sand

I recently stocked up on one of my favourite foundations of all time, the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. You can read my review of it over here

HD foundation is a lightweight foundation suitable for oily to normal skin types. Coverage ranges from medium to full depending on how much you apply. I love using this for performances or when I know I will be photographed because it doesn't project a white cast when the camera flashes. 

I have been using 123 Desert but was recommended by Didy the Makeup Artist from Make Up For Ever to try 120 Soft Sand to help me cover my acne scars around my cheeks better. He said that I could use a light dusting of bronzer around my face to warm up my complexion if I was worried that it was too light for me.

Here's Didi, isn't he a cutie?
When I pumped it out, I was a little worried because it looked light. As compared to the current foundations I am using, it is the lightest foundation.

Left to right: MUFE HD 120, Chanel Perfection Lumiere 40 Beige and Burberry Velvet Foundation 204
You know what, it doesn't look unnaturally light on me. When paired with my favourite Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation or HD Pressed Powder It covers my acne scars a lot better too. I love it.

I paired the HD Foundation here with the HD Pressed Powder.

This is one of those foundations I come back over and over again because I just love how it looks and feels on my skin. An oldie but still a goodie.

SGD $76

Ratings: 4+ lipsticks


  1. It might be the lightest shade in your bunch but it definitely matches you very well! I realize that we often buy foundations that are a bit darker than our actually face shade to match our necks and bodies and I used to do that a lot and once in a while notice I've done it again! As long as the shade and product works I guess!

    1. Hey Sharlynn, you know what I went and spoil it all by getting a tan, sigh, I will have to try this again and see if it still matches. Don't you hate it that our skin tone is always changing to fairer or darker. I guess it is a good excuse for me to have many foundations. ( blush) ;)

  2. Oh wow, I also thought this would be way too light, but it works well on you! I tend to favor foundations that are just a touch darker in order to match my neck/chest better, but I suppose some bronzer solves the problem as well!

    1. Hey Sunny, just when I said it matches my skintone well, I got a tan yesterday and now I have to try and see if it still matches. Somehow I don't think it will. Sheesh. :(

  3. Your skin look flawless with this combi!

    1. Thanks Ruby, I make sure I blend it down my neck a little so there isn't a mismatch.


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