Saturday, March 1, 2014

NARS Spring 2014 Collection Satin Lip Pencil Timanfaya

The only thing that caught my eye when I saw the new NARS Spring Collection was the new Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya. I simply adore the Satin Lip Pencils. They give great colour and lasts well on my lips. 

Timanfaya is by the way the name of a national park in Spain. 

It is a stunning orange. When I saw it, I was hesitant to try such a colour, I notice some oranges just don't look good on me. It looks so good on the Makeup Blogette though. Even though we don't have the same skintone I just had to wing it and try.

It is a loud orange, so I have to tone down the rest of my makeup and thicken my black eye liner.

Using Tom Ford cream eye shadows in Haze and Escapade

It isn't the most moisturizing of lipsticks, my lips felt a tad dry after removing it at the end of the day. So be sure to prep your lips.

I love the convenience of a lip pencil and the awesome colours in their line up. Timanfaya is very pigmented and lasts at least 4 hours with sips of water and a lunch of sandwiches.

It sells of USD $25 or SGD $37.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. Hey Jacqueline, oh what a gorgeous orange! Do you think this is less than other Satin Lip Pencils? I have Lodhi and I find it hydrating enough.

    1. They feel about the same. I find that NARS Satin Lip Pencils not as moisturizing as Giorgio Armani or Burberry lippies.


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