Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brunch date with my beauty enablers

I had an awesome brunch dates with my lovely ladies the past two Saturdays. I thought I would share with you all the fun pictures and make you drool too!

Last Saturday, Meryl from Memoiselle, Ruby from Miaka's Life and Loves and I decided to meet up before my classes for some brunch. We went to the Department of Caffeine at 15 Duxton Road. It is a tiny place so be sure to call and reserve lest you have to wait outside like what we had to do. We had to sit near the kitchen so it was hot. We were sweating while eating in a cramped little space. But I must say though the food was good. All I can say is go during the quiet times.

There are sweet and savoury buttermilk waffles. They are very good. They are slightly crispy in texture. 

I loved the sheperd's pie too. I'm a big potato fan.

We ate our food in record time because we could not take the cramped space and heat and headed to 100am to cool off. Here's a selfie in Meryl's car. We went for some green tea desserts and Ruby showed us her lovely Hakuhodo brushes. I want them all.

Just recently I have developed a fondness for green tea ice cream.

We cannot resist taking selfies.

Just yesterday I met up with dear Joy from Look Nook Hook, Carol from Its Only Carrots and Ruby. We are the west side bloggers and so our meeting place of choice is Jamaica Blue because it is nearby.

Our drinks of choice.

Another selfie.

The eggs benedict was so so.

I go there for the french toast which is sinfully awesome.

I love such play dates. We always have so many things to talks about and it is not just about beauty stuff. I hope you are having a good weekend too.


  1. I've been wanting to try DoC's waffles but the place is always crowded! *drools*

    1. You must reserve and get them to sit you to the front of the entrance, the back is like a sauna. The waffles were worth the discomfort though.


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