Saturday, March 22, 2014

Addiction Eye Shadow Fudge

I have been dying to try Addiction makeup for the longest time. The fact that it is not easily available makes it all the more alluring. I think what finally gave me the push to buy some was when I saw The Make-Up Blogette post her pictures and swatches of her first Addiction palette. I really liked what I saw.

It was quite hard to decide what colours to get when I can only rely on online swatches. I knew I had to get Fudge, the same colour that The Make-Up Blogette got. Kate from Drivel About Frivol has amazing swatches of almost all the Addiction shadows and based on her swatches I chose Flashback and Arabian Ruby.

My dear friend Lunaface from The Flintstone Loves Pretty posted on Addiction Cheek Polishes in Fresh and Tadzio and being the blush addict I am, I could not not get one. I initially chose Fresh but after Lunaface's post on it, I decided to get Revenge instead.

My BFF D told me she was going to Japan for a holiday, I whooped with joy. I could finally get my Addiction fix and also some more Hakuhodos (I will show them to you at a later post).

Addiction shadows come in four finishes. ME stands for metallic finish, P stands for Pearl, S for sparkle and M for matte. What a coincidence that all my shadows are metallic finishes.

Addiction eye shadows come in a black plastic compact that can be easily popped out of the casing and placed into a palette. I am so getting a palette the next time. 

I paid 2100 yen which converts out to be about SGD$27.

I took this out of focus shot to show you the beautiful sparkles infused in the shadow.

Fudge is a warm golden brown colour with sparkles. The texture of these shadows are almost creamy and buttery in feel. They apply beautiful on the lids and blend very well with no fall out at all. The pigmentation is superb.

Here is a simple eye look I did with Fudge. I pressed Fudge on the outer corner of my eye lids working inwards.

Next, I used Rouge Bunny Rouge's Unforgettable Oriole on the inner corner of my eye lids and blended with Fudge. I also patted Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre Convoitise on top of my inner eye lids for sparkle.

Here is the whole look.

I can't believe they are only about SGD $28. Must get more!

Okay I checked online and found a few places that sells Addiction eye shadows online, their markups are really high. Seriously get someone who is going to Japan to buy these for you.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Urg.. getting harder and harder to resist all the gorgeous singles! I think if Addiction had a counter in Hokkaido, i'd probably had assembled a palette for myself.. haha

    1. I'm totally hooked on these my dear you have to try them out. I'll pass them to you the next time we meet.

  2. Replies
    1. These shadows are gorgeous Caise, you should try them if you get the chance.

  3. This is a brand I really want to try, the finish of the shadow is just so pretty, it looks great on you and really works well with the RBR and Chanel.

    1. Clare this is great to try if you have access to it, my wish now us to make a customized palette. That will probably have to wait till someone goes to Japan.


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