Monday, March 31, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush 210 Cool Pink

(Taken from the press kit)

More fusional than a powder, more sensorial than a cream, the HD Cream Blush is a keeper! Its texture-free second-skin finish brings flattering freshness and controlled shine to the apples of the cheeks, producing a stunningly real finish. A barely there effect that manages to change everything, the colour of HD Cream Blush flushes to the surface of the epidermis, as natural as the real deal.

Available in an extra-wide range of 16 shades – 15 nude shades + 1 funky doll-like coral hue to meet the needs of every skin tone, the HD Cream Blush is extremely easy to blend and offers modular coverage. It’s the quick-shot fix to bringing a healthy flush to the complexion. The on-the-go compact comes with a large mirror to give the skin a flush of colour any time of day, even when its glow starts to fade.

A cream that’s not really oily and doesn't stick or shine, an extra fine cream that smoothens the skin to add a transparently light glow, the HD Cream Blush is a seemingly impossible achievement that all comes down to a clever mix of oils, pigments and powders:
• Silicone oils, dry oils and light waxes are expertly combined to bring an ultra-soft feel and silkiness that spreads easily but is supremely light with flawless hold.
• Specially dosed for an HD finish, silica powders and synthetic mica ensure softness on the skin and a soft-focus satin finish that conceals imperfections and ensures a radiant complexion without masking the skin’s texture.
• Optimal concentration of pigments combined with transparent natural pearlizers brings sheer, natural colors that are incredibly luminous and do not vanish or turn lackluster as the hours pass.

I am so happy to be able to try these new blushes. I am a big cream/liquid blush hoarder because cream and liquid blushes give a very natural looking flush that looks like it is lit within the skin.

I am starting my series of sponsored posts from Make Up For Ever with the HD Blush which I think are fantastic. I have for you today 210 Cool Pink. There are a total of 16 colours available. There is a shade for every skintone available so you are bound to find one or more favourites in the range.

210 - Cool Pink
215- Flamingo Pink
220 - Pink Sand
225 - Peachy Pink
310 -  Rosewood
315 - Peach Beige
320 - English Rose
330 - Rosy Plum
335 - Fawn
410 - Coral
415 - Light Rust
420 - Indian Rosewood
425 - Brown Copper
510 - Raspberry
515 - Tangerine
520 - Blackcurrant

210 Cool Pink is a blue based pink with hints of rose that instantly freshens and perks up my complexion.

Cool Pink feel emollient and creamy to the touch. When applied to my face, it dries into a matte finish. I love that it doesn't dry immediately so that there is time to blend it to my heart's desire. Once it dries down, it doesn't budge at all. I can apply this under or over my face powder which is great because some of my cream blushes become patchy if worn over powder. My favourite way of applying this is to use my blush brush.

I wore Cool Pink out for my Saturday dance classes. It did not fade through my sweating and exertions. After class I decided to add a little more colour to my cheeks and used my fingers to apply with a patting motion. I found it very easy to apply as well.

For SGD $50 I think it gives the rest of the cream blushes out here a good run for their money.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Addiction Cheek Polish Revenge

Today I am showing you the Addiction Cheek Polish in Revenge. I initially wanted to get Fresh (lol) but after reading Lunaface's The Flintstone Loves Pretty post on Fresh I decided not to for fear that it would not show up on my cheeks at all

There are a total of 7 shades available.

Rose Bar

I suspect only Tadzio and Suspicious will show up on my cheeks.

These Cheek Polishes come in a frosted bottle and they seriously look like nail polishes complete with nail polish brush. When I saw the colour I was initially taken aback. It looks very bright and strong.

No fear though, these are easily sheered out.

What I get is a hint of rosy cheeks. It can be layered on for a more intense look. I place about three tiny dots onto the apples of my cheeks and use my Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 to blend it out. It dries down fast while still giving me enough time to blend it out.

This Cheek Polish melds with my skin and gives me the nicest translucent flush. It stayed the whole day and I did not feel the need to layer it with any powder blush. This texture is perfect for those with oily skin because it does not feel greasy at all. It is more a blush tint than a blush cream. I am in love!

I bought this for 2940 yen which is about SGD $37. I love the price point. Seriously they should think about making more colours for darker skintones, I will be all over them.

That being said, the best place to get them is in Japan itself, the markups at the various online shops are just too high to justify buying them.

Check out So Lonely in Gorgeous' swatches of the whole range available here

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Addiction Eye Shadow Arabian Ruby

Here is the second eye shadow from my Addiction haul called Arabian Ruby.

It is a dark plum that has hints of red and gold shimmer. Like Fudge, it feels creamy although it is a powder. It blends like butter and is well pigmented.

Here is a simple look I did using Arabian Ruby on my lids. I added Rouge Bunny Rouge's Unforgettable Oriole on the inner corner of my eyes and blending in with Arabian Ruby.

The entire look.

I am going to rehash what I said about these shadows. The texture of these shadows are almost creamy and buttery in feel. They apply beautiful on the lids and blend very well with no fall out at all. The pigmentation is superb.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Beauty Pit Stop @ Sephora Ion Part 2

Do you remember me telling you about Make Up For Ever's High Definition Beauty Pit Stop at Ion Sephora? Well I got the chance to drop by to check out the new HD blushes and brushes recently.

I'm really very lucky to be able to meet amazing and talented people through the course of this blog. This time I got to meet up with Mr Didi Sin, isn't he a cutie? Well Didi got me HD-fied using the latest HD Pressed Powder and HD blush in 220. I really love how flawless he made my skin look and that blush, love it!

I am so happy to have received this bag of goodies to experiment with.

I could not resist picking up some new stuff and stocking up on my old favourites while I was there. I bought the Instant Brush Cleaner because the lazy side of me likes clean brushes in an instant. I love how Didy did my brows and since my old brow pencil has been worn to a nub I bought the brow pencil in No. 2. And finally my long time favourite for flawless skin, the HD foundation in 120.

Stay tuned for the swatches and reviews of the HD pressed powder and HD blushes.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Addiction Eye Shadow Fudge

I have been dying to try Addiction makeup for the longest time. The fact that it is not easily available makes it all the more alluring. I think what finally gave me the push to buy some was when I saw The Make-Up Blogette post her pictures and swatches of her first Addiction palette. I really liked what I saw.

It was quite hard to decide what colours to get when I can only rely on online swatches. I knew I had to get Fudge, the same colour that The Make-Up Blogette got. Kate from Drivel About Frivol has amazing swatches of almost all the Addiction shadows and based on her swatches I chose Flashback and Arabian Ruby.

My dear friend Lunaface from The Flintstone Loves Pretty posted on Addiction Cheek Polishes in Fresh and Tadzio and being the blush addict I am, I could not not get one. I initially chose Fresh but after Lunaface's post on it, I decided to get Revenge instead.

My BFF D told me she was going to Japan for a holiday, I whooped with joy. I could finally get my Addiction fix and also some more Hakuhodos (I will show them to you at a later post).

Addiction shadows come in four finishes. ME stands for metallic finish, P stands for Pearl, S for sparkle and M for matte. What a coincidence that all my shadows are metallic finishes.

Addiction eye shadows come in a black plastic compact that can be easily popped out of the casing and placed into a palette. I am so getting a palette the next time. 

I paid 2100 yen which converts out to be about SGD$27.

I took this out of focus shot to show you the beautiful sparkles infused in the shadow.

Fudge is a warm golden brown colour with sparkles. The texture of these shadows are almost creamy and buttery in feel. They apply beautiful on the lids and blend very well with no fall out at all. The pigmentation is superb.

Here is a simple eye look I did with Fudge. I pressed Fudge on the outer corner of my eye lids working inwards.

Next, I used Rouge Bunny Rouge's Unforgettable Oriole on the inner corner of my eye lids and blended with Fudge. I also patted Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre Convoitise on top of my inner eye lids for sparkle.

Here is the whole look.

I can't believe they are only about SGD $28. Must get more!

Okay I checked online and found a few places that sells Addiction eye shadows online, their markups are really high. Seriously get someone who is going to Japan to buy these for you.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Friday, March 21, 2014

My pole dancing pictures!

Hi everyone, this is an unscheduled post because I am just so excited to share with you two of my professionally taken pole photos (I just received my high res pictures). There will be three more coming but I'm waiting for the photographer to be finished with them.

When my dance studio announced that Justin Tran of Justin Tran Photography from Australia was coming to Singapore and offering photoshoots to pole students and instructors, it took me some time to convince myself to jump at the chance. He shoots some of the most famous Australian pole dancers and I checked out his pictures. His models are all super awesome and I was frankly worried I would not be good enough.

I'm shallow but I was honestly stressing over what to wear and what poses to do. I decided to keep everything simple and do stuff that was easy for me.

It was quite intimidating to have my pole instructors around because they are so much better than I ever would be. They were very nice though, they gave me tips to how to place my hands and how to position myself. Justin was simply the most patient and nicest photographer. For a guy who has taken countless talented pole dancers, he put this nervous noob at ease and made me look good.

The Bat
You have to check out the rest of the pictures taken of my instructors and pole buddies at Justin Tran's Facebook page, I am so proud to be among such strong women.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow Abyssinian Catbird and Unforgettable Oriole

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye shadows have been on my radar for quite some time but I have never made myself get any of them. Sunny from Mostly Sunny and Clare from Visionary Beauty hadve been not so subtly tempting me to try out Abyssinian Catbird and I have been eyeing it on ever since. It was always out of stock until recently and when they had 25% discount I jumped at the chance to get it. You know me, I can't just get one so I decided to get Unforgettable Oriole as well because I wanted something to pair with Abyssinian Catbird. 

It is SGD $42.80 on but I manage to score each at SGD $32.10 with free shipping. Woohoo! Did I mention how fast shipping is? I got the two days after ordering them.

These come is sturdy black plastic casings. You can see here their size relative to a Singapore dollar coin.

I am impressed with these eye shadows. They are buttery soft and blend very well. They don't cause any fall out. Abyssinian Catbird is a darn gorgeous shade. It is an olive, copper and gold shade that suits my coloring very well. Unforgettable Oriole may look like a boring colour but the creamy champagne gold shade with its delicate shimmer hooked me in. It brightens my lids with its pretty shimmer.

Here I have Abyssinian Catbird worn close to the lids and blended upwards. I used Unforgettable Oriole on my brow bones and over Abyssinian Catbird. I also used Burberry Porcelain to blend.

The whole look.

And what I used.

I went out for brunch with my BFF D wearing this look. We went to Pies and Coffee at Rochester Mall for a Saturday brunch not too long ago. I used to like their food but I was sorely disappointed with the service and the food. The Wagyu Beef Cheek pie is still good though.

The mish mash of too sweet belgian waffles that were too hard and the lack lustre sausage and egg was very forgettable.

The strawberry tart was delicious but the chocolate tart could have been heated and softer in texture. Instead of going on a rant, I can only say that the service was sorely lacking.

Here is my darling BFF D.

Where was I? Oh yes, back to Abyssinian Catbird and Unforgettable Oriole. They are pretty damn awesome. I still will not fork out full price for these but I suggest you keep an eagle eye on these on Luxola and jump at the chance at getting them during their fabulous discount promos.

I leave you with Mostly Sunny and Visionary Beauty's post about these Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows. Be warned though, reading them might make you want them even more ;)

Ratings: 5 lipsticks