Friday, February 14, 2014

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer RS 508 Romance

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet both beauties from Dear Meryl one of my makeup enablers from Singapore and dear sweet Monica whom I met for the first time is from Sydney. Monica was in Singapore for a visit and so was a great opportunity for Ruby and myself to finally meet the Memoiselle babes together.

Monica was so generous to have gifted me with this lovely Shiseido lipstick. I must show it to you because it is fast becoming one of my favourite lipsticks to wear.

(Information taken from the Shiseido website)

Achieves elegant, light and beautiful lips through translucent, dewy color, silky radiance and a glamorous full look.
Dewy texture and even application. Minimizes the look of vertical lines.
Moisture-rich, beautiful finish lasts all day. Provides a treatment effect to improve roughness and chapping.

There is a total of 10 shades available.

You can see the whole range of swatches at Evonnz.

I'll be truthful, I have always ignored the Japanese brand lipsticks except for my Suqqu which I love dearly. I kinda like my lipsticks to be creamy and opaque so I tend to get lipsticks from the estern brands. So what a refreshing change this lipstick is for me.

I love how emollient it feels on my lips. The sheer colour makes this shade very forgiving and natural on my lips. Reapplication was a breeze and it didn't dry out my lips after use. Love!

These sell for SGD $43. I'm eyeing RD 304 Hibiscus and RD 506 Foxy.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Whoaa it's so cool that you got to hand out with Ruby and the Memoiselle babes! I really have to try these soon. People keep raving about them! This shade is gorgeous on you! Sweet and wearable :)

    1. Dear Sunny if you ever come this way we will definitely meet up. I love meeting my fellow beaut bloggers, so much to talk about. Ruby, Meryl and Monica are just about the sweetest ladies around, I bet we would have a blast. I really love this lipstick, the formula is just so emollient and forgiving, I definitely want to try more colours.

  2. what a gorgeous shade! I love Shiseido lipsticks:-)

    1. Thank you Caise, I need to try some more :)

  3. Looks very good lip swatch ♡♡♡


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