Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gardens By The Bay Children's Garden

My family loves going out and exploring on Sundays because that is our family time together. I think it is important to expose DS to a lot of sunshine and the outdoors as much as we can. With Singapore being so small, sometimes we run out of ideas. I always keep a look out for new and interesting places to go. Last two weekends ago we decided to visit the newly opened Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay.

In fact, we have seen the structures being built and wanted to visit because the area looked awesome. We were not disappointed. We went out right and early hopefully to miss the crowd. One note of advie is to have breakfast before you go. We were hard press to look for breakfast. Satay By The Bay only had the drinks stall opened at the time so we made our way to Barkerzin. We love the minty lemonade.

There wasn't a breakfast menu so we ended up eating more that we should.

The waffles was crispy and crunchy unlike the normal waffles. It was a delicious difference.

Faked bicep with an almond croissant!

There were treehouses, slides kids obstacle courses, plenty of space for children to roam and run around. Best part was that it was free.

The water play area is awesome, big enough to run around. The water sprays in time with music. There is also a designated toddlers water area and play ground just for the little ones.

I was resting at the waiting area. Big, sheltered space for parents to rest and families to picnic.

Vainpot taking a selfie, I could not resist!

Embarrassing story about the above picture. We saw a father and his son climbing the trees in the playground with the green structures and thought what a cool way to incorporate trees into the playground. After trying our hardest to persuade DS to try climbing the tree we gave up. Hubs climbed first and then I decided to give it a go. Can you imagine these two 'monkeys' climbing this tree at the playground with so many people watching. Well after a few minutes of taking this picture, we had harried park officers rushing to us and asking me to please get down from the tree. It was not meant for climbing. Can you imagine how embarrassing it was. OMG! The officers even asked if I needed help getting down. No thank you! I can get down myself, thank you very much. DS was nowhere to be seen, probably hiding his face in shame at his childish parents. We kinda slunk of in shame but hey I got to climb a tree and have a picture to prove it, so there!

Anyway it was a great day for the family. If you happen to have children, give the children's playground a go, I think your family would enjoy it.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to visit with children!! Are there any other places to visit with children in Singapore? If you wouldn't mind sharing your favorite places I'd appreciate it. Also, perhaps restaurants that are children-friendly.

    1. Her Claire, these are the few places my family loves to visit. Coastes (by the beach) at Sentosa, Food For Thought at the Botanic Gardens (lots of place to run around after food and there is a mini toddler's playground) and Slappy Cakes at Bukit Timah Turf Club (you can make your own pancakes).


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