Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Collection Notes De Printemps Le Blush Creme 69 Intonation

It was so easy to pick up another cream blush from Chanel. I love their cream blushes. After playing around with my Presage and Revelation I was totally hooked. I knew I wanted more so when Intonation and Chamade came out, I couldn't be happier. Based on the online swatches, I decided that Intonation would probably a lot easier to wear as it was the least bright of the two.

Isn't it just gorgeous. I could look at it all day. Don't be fooled by how bright it is, it can be sheered out or intensified.

Intonation is a matte pink coral. The texture of Blush Cremes are emollient and creamy to the touch. This makes it very blendable.

If I want to very sheer and natural application, I use my trusty Koyudo brush to do the job. I wear my Intonation after applying my liquid foundation. I use my Koyudo brush to gently tap on the blush to pick up pigment and tap on my cheeks and blend lightly, then set with powder. If I wanted more colour, I use three of my fingers to tap on the blush and lightly pat on my cheeks. I do this after liquid foundation and powder. Both ways work well for me with minimal fading.

I must apologize if the colour doesn't show up well on my cheeks. I usually wear my fotds out so I do not want to go around with clown cheeks. I'm also sporting a darker than normal tan which makes it harder for my blush to show up on camera.

Here is some of the Notes De Printemps swatches.

And again, my picks for the Chanel Spring 2014 collection. What did you pick?

I couldn't be happier with Intonation. I absolutely love the colour and the fact that it is long wearing and matte. It never looks like I am obviously wearing blush, it shows up more as a beautiful flush.

I bought my Intonation online at Nordstrom for USD $38.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Ugh I'm trying SO hard not to get another cream blush, but you're not making it easier! I like Intonation on you more than on myself though. On you it seems more pink!

    1. I can't resist when it comes to Chanel's cream blushes. Does it pull too orange on you?


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