Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Collection Notes De Printemps Illusion D'ombres Impulsion and Diapason

I know I am pretty late in the game when it comes to the Chanel Spring collection but hey better late than never right?

I am totally happy with what I picked from this collection. I knew I wanted Diapason and Intonation. Impulsion and the Quadrille quad were impulsive buys urged on by a fellow obsessive makeup hoarder Ruby from Miaka Life and Loves. It is so fun to go shopping my a fellow makeup enthusiast but I suspect we are very bad for each others' wallets. You can read about her side of the story of our play date here.

I took my time to play with my new "babies". So I'm going to start off with my favourites, the Illusion D'ombres.

I ordered Diapason from Nordstrom and Impulsion at my local Chanel store at Isetan. Look at the sorry state of my Diapason, it shrunk at the sides just like my original Initiation. I should have learnt my lesson the first time round and stop ordering these online. As a friend mentioned, it could be due to some air pressure thing and that is why it shrunk.

I am in love with both shades but I think the one that captures my heart has to be Diapason. I love the complex plummy shade that has just a little hint of red. Just look at those sparkles, I just love it.

Here is a simple look I put together with Diapason and Impulsion. I used my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold as a base. First I patted on Diapason on my upper lash line working upwards and adding more layers for opacity.

Next, I layered Impulsion over Diapason from the inner corner of my eyes.

Finally, some eyeliner and mascara, tada! Such a quick and easy eye look.

 Intonation on my cheeks.

The overall look.

No doubt about it, even though I am unhappy with the state of my Diapason, I love both colours. Diapason and Impulsion complement each other very well. I don't regret getting these.

If you are going to limit yourself to one, please go for the Diapason.

In order not to get the shrunken version please get them from your local counter instead and  make sure you check it before you take it home.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. They look gorgeous on you! I love the idea of using the LM rose gold as a base. I am really liking this collection, picked up the lighter cream blush and shadow duo last week as well, think I need to stop :)

    1. I know what you mean Clare, that us why I'm staying away from my counters. I gave a strange feeling that if I visited I would pick up Charmade. I use Rose Gold as a base for most of my eye looks these days. It's my staple.

  2. Hey Jacqueline, what a fantastic idea to layer these over Rose Gold! I don't own that one, but I can see how well they work together! So sorry to hear about the shrinkage. Maybe it's better to get those at a local counter indeed.

    1. Hey Sunny, I think you will adore Rose Gold, it brightens the lids. My dear have you checked out Diapason? Still think it will be to reddish for you? I hate it when my makeup doesn't look pretty but not enough to get another pot of it. :)


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