Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunday trip to the Botanic Gardens

I was inspired to visit the National Orchid Gardens after reading and looking at the lovely pictures potsed by Joyce of Atelier Beauty

In fact, DS and I made our way there during the school holidays and was thwarted by the rain. This silly mommy only packed one raincoat and we spend a good part of the afternoon hiding in a shelter playing I spy till the rain lessened and then we aborted our mission.

These pictures were taken before the downpour.

My little man isn't so little anymore, they grow up so fast!

Rain rain go away!
I spy with my little eyes something which is wet!
DS said he was cursed because in his previous school field trip he didn't manage to go to the National Orchid Gardens because of the rain too. We were determined to break the curse!

We found the tickets to be well priced. Children get to go in for free and adults pay $5. It is quite a large area to wander around.

There is an area dedicated to orchids named after foreign dignitaries. The two note worthy for me were the orchid named after Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. I thought Margaret Thatcher's orchid was very unique.

I caught sight of this sculpture which resonates with me.

Over at the visitor centre we caught sight of some items from our childhood days. I lament the state of our playgrounds these days, though very safe they lack the character of our playgrounds in the past. Hands up if you remember and played on the dragon playground when you were younger.

That is our courtesy mascot Singa. Yup, we are a nation of campaigns and this one was to get Singaporeans to be more courteous.  I heard poor Singa submitted his resignation letter and gave up. Boo! So sad, I like to believe that the majority of Singaporeans are in fact very polite, kind and considerate.

I love my Sunday family outings. We try to get DS out of the house and into the bright sunshine as best we can. Studying can be really stressful especially since he is getting older so it is good to let loose and bond.


  1. Looks like you made it to Swan Lake! Here's a tip: always know where's the food is so you can seek refuge there. Take it from the weather jinx :X

    How old is your boy, by the way?

    1. Joyce, he is going to be10 in July. We were at Food for thought earlier before we decided to brave the drizzle, the optimist in me was hoping that the rain would either stop or maintains as a drizzle. Unfortunately the rain just got heavier. That's Singapore weather for you.

  2. Ah so nice! =) It's so gorgeous where you are! The swan is so regal looking =D

    1. We were joking that it was a supermodel swan. It purposely swan close to the visitors and swan alongside the pavement to allow everyone to take pictures before he swam away.

  3. I love going to Botanical Gardens too, Jacq! I love to just sit on the bench and enjoy the green fields, so relaxing! Yes your DS has grown up :)

    1. I love going to look at the famous Tembusu tree unfortunately they barricaded the tree to prevent silly people from sitting on the branches. I love to lie down on the green grass too. Just being close to nature :)

  4. Wow, the flowers are gorgeous! Looks like a good time despite the rain :) My mother used to take me to botanical gardens when I was a kid and I always had a great time.


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