Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project Swap: YSL Ombres Duo Lumieres Eye Shadow Duo in No. 27 Golden Pink and Precious Bronze Swatches and Review

Joy from Look Nook Hook passed this yo me to play with. 

I have not tried the YSL duos before. I always favoured the sexier and more exciting Pure Chromatics which can be used both wet and dry. I have No. 8 and Arctic Night.


The YSL Duo are smaller than the Pure Chromatics. It features the same gold casing which can get tacky after a while. But nothing a good hard wipe would not remove.

The colours are very sweet. Golden Pink is a mute rose pink that has some sparse gold shimmers. Precious Bronze is a dark khaki with gold shimmer.

I'll be honest, the finger swatches did not impress me much. I was hoping for a softer texture with better pay off.

Golden Pink all over the lids.

Precious Bronze on the outer corner of my eyes.

Liner and mascara. Tada!

Chanel Rouge Allure in Coquette on my lips.

Stuff I used.

I must say I enjoy the simplicity of a duo eye shadow palette. I don't have to crack my head about where each eye shadow would go if it was a quint. I do wish the pink was a tad more exciting (perhaps more gold because the name Golden Pink is a misnomer)  and the khaki a bit more pigmented. Other than that, it is a nice duo if you do not want to do  boring brown eye look.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks


  1. I really like those colours on you. I have to say on the whole I am not impressed with the duos, they are not as soft, smooth and pigmented as I would like, I think the YSL cosmetic line as a whole has a lot of inconsistencies in quality.

    1. Thanks Clare, I just don't feel any love for this duo, I definitely prefer their chromatids palette.

  2. I love khaki green on my lids! The shades are lovely but I agree that the swatches doesn't look that impressive.

    1. I love Khaki green too Meryl, but not this one, it just doesn't show up very well.

  3. I know I already have all the khakis a girl can ever have, but every time I see one I go "ooooh!" I'm not big on the pink though, so maybe I'll pass. It's great seeing it on you though!

    1. This Khaki isn't the best Sunny, honestly it isn't worth checking out.


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