Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Swap: Suqqu Spring 2013 Vintage Pearl Collection Blend Color Eye shadow Ex-11 Sumiredama Swatches and review

The second Suqqu palette from the Suqqu Spring 2013 collection which I will be featuring today is Ex- 11 Sumiredama. This is also on loan from dear Miaka from Miaka's Life and Loves. You can read her review of it here. Thank you my dear friend. It is fantastic to have a fellow Suqqu addict living near me. He he!

What can I say about Suqqu eye shadows? Only that they are finely milled and of great quality. The shimmers are elegant not loud. And they blend so well with each other.

Below is a simple I look I did with all the 4 colours. First I used my Suqqu L eye shadow brush (It seems only befitting to use my Suqqu brushes with these shadows) to sweep the matte cream shade all over my lids. Next I used the shimmery champagne pink all over my lids too.

Next, I used my Suqqu Brush F to pat the light mauve/ purple shade on my lids up to my crease.  

Finally I added the darkest shade on the outer corner of my eyes and blended inwards.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Pink in Paris

The stuff I used.

I can totally understand why Miaka had to pick up both palettes. Although they might look slightly similar I find Sumiredama slightly cooler and Ginusudama slightly warmer.

Left to right: Sumiredama and Ginusudama

Left to right: Sumiredama and Ginusudama
If I forced to only pick one palette, I would pick Ginusudama. That duo chrome purple is just simply too bewitching to ignore.

These two palettes are totally worth hunting for. Suqqu palettes are not cheap. I don't think there is anyway to justify paying over SGD $100 for these but I am a Suqqu lover. Something about a Suqqu palette makes me lose my senses.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Oh noooo LOOK AT THIS ONE! So tempted to hunt it down! The taupe and purple are getting straight to my head!

    1. Morning Sunny, Suqqu makes the very pretty and complex dark eye shadows. Their purples, taupes, blues and greens are gorgeous. I wish they would make a palette with just these shades so that we don't get the standard peaches and beiges.


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