Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Swap: Suqqu Spring 2013 Vintage Pearl Collection Blend Color Eye shadow Ex-13 Ginusudama Swatches and review

I was so happy to get to play with Miaka's new Suqqu eye shadow palettes. I had wanted to get my hands on one of these Suqqu palettes but I resisted. After having a few Suqqu palette's, they seems to become similar after a while.

I am featuring Ginusudama first because the colours appeal to me more. You can check out Miaka's review here.

True to the Vintage Pearl collection, the palette comes in a opalescent casing, very different from the regular black casing. 

The palette features a standard matte shade, this time it is a bone shade. The matte shades are always soft and creamy to the touch. Great to use as a base for lighter skin tones. I use this as a brow highlighter. The grey/ purple/ lilac shade is a sure winner. I love how complex it is. The brown is a beautiful neutral brown and the pink is a shimmery pink. All shades blend beautiful and are of excellent quality. It is almost expected that Suqqu palettes are of good quality.

Here is the eye look I did. I used the matte bone shade all over my lids. I used the brown shade on my upper lids up to my crease. I used the purple shade on the outer corner of my eyes and added a dash of it on my crease. Finally I dabbed the shimmery pink on the inner corner of my eyes. 

The sun was shining in my eyes so pardon the squint. Here are the makeup items I used.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Suqqu eye palette. They are well harmonised to create beautiful eye looks that can bring you from day to night. The quality of the shadows is to die for. I think that purple shade is just gorgeous and complex enough for me to contemplate getting this palette even though I have tonnes of shimmery pinks and browns. If I can find this palette that is.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

I wore this out for a quiet lunch with the hubs and we decided to go to Da Paolo's Pizza Bar for lunch.

My hubs has a tendency to over order. I just eat. The food unfortunately wasn't up to expectations.

We like our bruschetta hot with a crispy toast. It was served cool and soggy. 

The calamari had a nice crunchy texture

Love the salad although I think the cook was a little too heavy handed with the balsamic vinegar.

Hubs was very unhappy with his over cooked and tough Wagyu beef skewers. What a pity.

I liked my lasagna.

Hub's crab pasta.

Finally my desert. A slice of hazelnut cake. Whew! I feel full writing this post. Considering it is a pizza bar perhaps we should have tried their pizzas instead. This isn't going to be a place we visit again.


  1. The duochrome purple is so pretty! I do agree with you that Suqqu palettes are similar after owning a few, I am trying to resist as much as possible :p
    Anyway you look beautiful! Love your top!

    1. Thank you Meryl! I am in love with that purple. I just wish Suqqu did a palette with just all dark shades, like a blue, purple, khaki and blurple. I'm sick of the beige and pink shades already.


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