Saturday, January 11, 2014

Make Up For Ever Spring 2014 Collection Arty Blossom Information

Taken from the press kit:

Make-up artist extraordinaire Dany Sanz has always drawn inspiration from painting, portraying its symbolic and intellectual dimensions by juxtaposing and layering forms and colors. Arty Blossom stands out as a collection whose charm lies in its contemporary romantic look, an alliance that blends fresh colors with an inspired depiction of pictorial art. thanks to a translucent formula created exclusively for the occasion, the powders in the palette play on light and color effects, just like the art of painting.

“Art is a favourite subject for MAKE UP FOr EVEr, and one which particularly suits the Arty Blossom theme. I started with a face chart composed of watercolor shades - pure and translucent, frank but fresh, where color reigns supreme. turquoise Blue, Fresh Peach, Gold Green, Gold Beige, Gold Plum or Pearly White… but the sovereign shade in this bouquet of evanescent hues is Fresh Pink. A fresh, delicate pink that appears on eyes, cheeks and lips as well as the palette’s customized lid. It is a “healthy” pink, just like a young girl’s complexion, flushing with thrilled excitement. Less of a city girl, closer to nature, the Arty Blossom woman displays her demure fragility. Far from frozen, her beauty is rich with emotion.”

Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

STAR Palette SGD 75

A new formula for strikingly sheer colors and textures:
  • The formula is easy to apply and has impeccable hold, fusing perfectly with the skin thanks to a sophisticated combination of spherical powders, micro-beads, ultralight esters and silicons.
  • The palette blossoms with strong, muted or subdued colors that can shift in intensity to make classic or abstract, subtle or artistic looks. they combine eight refreshing shades, six of which are new: the vibrant Gold Plum, the subtle Gold Beige, the springtime notes of Fresh Peach and Fresh Pink, the dazzling Gold Green and the must-have Pearly White. the two existing shades are Metallic Copper and Pearly turquoise Blue.
  • Infinitely soft and silky, the texture can be endlessly layered. It is bright, satiny or shimmering depending on the shades and adds a veil of color to the eyelid that instantly captures the light.
  • To work the colors with subtle flair, the palette contains two professional brushes in synthetic fibers. 
  • The first is for make-up and precision work, such as applying eyeliner. the second can be used to create modular effects, such as a halo on the eyelid, feathered colors or banana eyes.
  • Dany’s tip: “to avoid the pitfalls of translucent colors, which can seem a little lackluster, apply them to a light-colored base. Use the Pearly White eyeshadow in the palette before applying one of the other colors. this will help to intensify the glow!”

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  1. That's a very pretty visual, I think most of the colours would be too bold for me but I am rather taken with the lips :)

    1. Clare, you can go bold with the eye colours or use it as a gentle wash. I do agree that the lip colour is so pretty but with my current tan I don think I can pull it off :( I'm sure you definitely can though


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