Monday, December 23, 2013

YSL Holiday 2013 Collection: Palette Parisian Nite Avenue Marceau

I'm attracted to bright colours so when I saw the Palette Pasisian Nite Avenue Marceau, I was immediately attracted to the purple and gold shade. I really tried to resist but when I saw it in real life I was lost. That purple had me at hello.

I am so happy that the palette is different from the regular chromatics palette. As much as I love the luxe gold packaging, after a while it loses it shine and it needs a serious wipe down before I get it shiny again. It atacts fingerprints like nobody's business too. So this pretty palette has none of these issues and who doesn't like pink hearts?

The colours do have such a festive look to it.

Dry swatch
Wet swatch

Check out that awesome purple and gold shade. They look so nice when used wet.

The dry swatches are sheer whereas the wet swatches are pigmented. I like using a mixture of dry and wet textures.

Here is a look I did. First, I used a dry application of the pink all over my lids and a light wash of the white on my brow bones. I am really loving the pink shade. It doesn't make my eyes look swollen but instead brightens my lids.

Next I used a wet application of the purple on the outer corner of my eyes blending it inwards.

I dabbed a little gold on the inner corner of my eyes blending towards the purple and lined my eyes with Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil liner in Lust. Then I went over the pencil with more of the purple shadow.

I am glad I didn't resist buying this palette. The colours go so well together. If you worry about how to wear bright colours on your eyes, don't. Have a little fun with it. 

I gave up trying to wear outfits that complement my eye shadows. I wear my bright green dress with my purple eye shadows because I feel like it. 

This palette sells for USD $55 and I bought mine from Nordstrom.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. Glad to hear you are loving this palette babe! This palette has certainly stolen my heart as well. I love the pink and purple shade.

  2. Beautiful shades that look wonderful on you, I think there are quite a few countries that didn't get the holiday collection, which is a shame.
    If I don't speak to you before, have a lovely Christmas :)

    1. Dear Clare! have a lovely Christmas too! What a shame that this palette isn't available everywhere. I simply don't understand why cosmetic companies do that.


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