Monday, December 2, 2013

Tom Ford Ombre Eye Color 02 She Wolf

When I saw the pictures of the Tom Ford trios I was wondering whether I should get them. I am a fan of their eye shadows. They are of a great formula and I am not ashamed to admit I love the glitter shades included. I wasn't too sure about the shades though. It was afraid that She Wolf would pull too cool on me and as much as I liked In The Pink, I wondered if it would disappear on my eyes.

Looking at the swatches from The Beauty Look Book kinda sealed the deal for me. I was doomed the moment I saw the swatches.

The trio is the same size as the Tom Ford blushes. I do love the dark mahogany in contrast with the gold. 

I love the glitter shade. The fall out issue is a something I am not sure about. The first time I wore it, I did not have any fall out issues. Another time when I wore it, I did see some fall out under my eye area. Perhaps I applied too much glitter, it could also be because I wore it for my dance and pole class, all that vigorous jumping around . I'm not sure. I do know that when I wear my other TF glitter shades to work, I don't get any fall out. Here is the simple eye look I did to wear out for my classes.

I patted the middle shade all over my eye lids beyond my crease line and blended away the harsh lines.

Next, the darkest shade on the outer corner of my eyes. Blending inwards.

Next, I patted the glitter shade on the inner and middle corner of the lids. See, I went overboard. I wanted the glitter to show up nicely on the camera.

Liquid liner without my usual cat eye flick.

Finally my lashes. Eek! The glue line is visible. My apologies.

I also have the Chanel Mystere quad which I feel have the same kind of shades. Aw... they look kinda washed out under the bright sunlight.

The two darkest shades of the Chanel Mystere quad on my left and the two darkest shades of the Tom Ford She Wolf quad on my right. As you can see, She Wolf is a much darker quad and make excellent dark smokey looks whereas the Mystere quad allows you to wear softer looks. It really depends on your preference.

I bought this at Sak's Fifth Avenue for US $60. Overall it is a nice palette to own if you like wearing smokey looks. The quality of the the shadows are excellent. I'm on the fence over the glitter shade but it isn't a big issue for me. The fall out isn't a glitter bomb and thus not very obvious unless you walk right up to me and stare closely.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. I'm glad you like this, its looks really pretty on you, actually I've not worn mine since I reviewed it so should probably give it another try :)

    1. Clare, when I decided that I don't really like what I bought I tend to neglect it too. But you never know, you might like it after a few wears.

  2. Hey Jacqueline, She Wolf looks great on you! I got to swatch it, but I think it leans too gray on me so I passed. Now I'm having second thoughts LOL

    1. Sunny, I almost passed up in it because it looked gray to me too but I just had to
      It itin my shopping cart, I'm glad I didn't pass this up.

  3. hey dear,
    I also feel that the shades in She Wolf and Mystere looks quite similar. Comparing those two, I must say I like Mystere better for its color. However Tom Ford's packaging makes me wouldn't want to skip this palette.

    1. My sentiments too actually I like Mystere better too for work wear.i think it's more wearable whereas she wolf is more dramatic.


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