Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dior Contour Lip liner Pencil No. 775 Holiday Red and 663 Elite Pink

The next thing I wanted to showcase from my Dior haul are the Dior Contour lip liners which I think are amazing.

To me, lip liners are absolutely essential items in my makeup arsenal. My lips are not perfect especially around the corners of my mouth. Lip liners help me shape my lips and give my lipstick precision. 

I know that including the brush actually means that there is less product. But I don't own lip brushes and I hate having to clean the lip brush every time I use lip colour. So I appreciate the incorporation of a lip brush.

I think it is thoughtful that a pencil sharpener is added as well. But I see myself collecting quite a few of these because I intend to get more of these lip liners so it can be quite wasteful. And I bet the sharpener is included in the price. Could we have a cheaper lip liner and buy the sharpener separately instead? That being said, the sharpener is amazing, it creates the sharpest point.

Top to bottom: Holiday Red and Elite Pink

These lip liners are soft without breaking off. They glide on my lips without dragging. They are also very pigmented. Love! Holiday Red isn't a red on my lips, it is more of a bright fuchsia pink that is a perfect accompaniment to my Rose Harper Rouge Dior (to be reviewed later). 

There are a total of 20 shades available on the website

These go for SGD $34. I am thinking of getting Automne featured here by Mostly Sunny and Sunny Coral or Rosee. So many choices!

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

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