Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chanel Holiday Collection 2013 Collection Nuit Infinie De Chanel Illusion D'ombre 827 Initiation

Of all the makeup collections, I always look forward to the holiday collections. I love all the drama and beautiful limited edition packaging. This year I have been quite a "good" girl. Nothing really stood out for me when it comes to the holiday collections except for Chanel.

You can see the list of Chanel holiday offerings here. My ears and eyes perk up when I hear of new Chanel Illusion D'ombres. I love them to bits. Out of the two new ones available, Fatal (plummy shade) and Initiation (bronze) I picked Initiation because I wasn't sure if Fatal would be similar to Illusoire which I already own and tend to neglect.

You can check out Fatal over here at Mostly Sunny. I think she totally rocked the look with Fatal.

I ordered mine from Nordstrom and when it arrived I was totally upset. Look at how it shrunk from the sides. It looks like a dried up pellet. I kinda ranted on Instagram and I found out that quite a few bloggers also had the same problem with theirs. I definitely suggest you pick these up at the counter instead.

Nordstrom was very nice. After explaining that shipping the defect would mean I have to pay at least $25 in shipping costs, they advised to dump my defect and they sent me a new one to my Vpost address. I give Nordstrom a 6 lipstick rating. I can't say the same for Chanel. Where is the quality control people?

So this is how a fresh brand new Illusion D'ombre should look like. I was crossing my fingers and hoping the new one wouldn't turn out like the defect. Whew!

Initiation is a gorgeous gorgeous colour. I don't regret going through the whole she bang to get it. It is a lovely warm bronze with beautiful shimmer. Definitely befitting a holiday look. I can see this going very well with the Charming palette (I am resisting you!) as a shimmery topper shade.

Just to recap, these are excellent cream formulas that don't smudge on me. They aren't water proof though but I love how blendable they are.

Here is my very simple look. I used Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick as an all over lid base. Then I used my finger to pat Initiation on my lids.

I lined my eyes with Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Bourbon and added mascara.

This retails for USD $36. SGD $41 at Changi DFS and SGD$52 in town.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Beautiful colour on you, I wish I'd picked up this shade instead so might have to go back for it :)

    1. You will probably like this colour more so than Fatal Clare. Go get it.

  2. its a lovely shade! I might have to check it out:)
    and well done Nordstrom:)

  3. Caise, I'm so glad that Nordstrom has such great customer service. I love Initiation, it is such a wearable colour.


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