Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favourites for 2013

Hi everyone! Its about 10 hours before 2014 and I thought I would wrap up what I enjoyed for 2013. Some were bought this year and some are very favourites for quite a while.

I have always been quite a blush hoarder and for me the Chanel cream blushers were the ones that blew me away. I love its longevity and overall look and can't wait to get more when the Spring 2014 collection comes out. I have my eye on Intonation. I discovered new favourites Rouge Bunny Rouge. I think the Blush Wand and the Original Skin blush in Gracilis is simply beautiful. Above are some of the rest of my blush collection that I reach out often this year.

I love the versatility and the quality of these overall palettes. As you can see I lean towards neutrals.

These are m eye shadow singles that I can't live without. I have been using Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick in Rosegold as a base lid colour almost everytime I put on makeup. The Chanel Illusion d'ombres and still on of my favourite cream eye shadows and Burberry is hard to beat. 

These are the lipsticks I don't mind buying more of.

This is the year for makeup brushes for me. I kinda went into a mini brush hoarding frenzy. These are some of my favourite and most used brushes.

Finally, some non makeup items. I'm a noob when it comes to matching accessories with my outfits so I don't buy that many. But these are the two arm candies that I really love. And I must show my new loves, my Jo Malone scents. I have been wearing them everyday whether I'm going  out or not. Being surrounded by such beautiful scents are indeed comforting an glorious. 

I hope 2013 has been an awesome year for you like it was for me. I had my ups and downs but all in all this has been a great year for me. I am now officially 40 and a dance instructor. I have visited my bucket list destination not once but twice, conquered my fear of snorkelling and am gaining strength for my pole dance. 

Here are some of my favourite 2013 pictures in no particular order.

I took this video of some pole moves I have been practicing for a really long time. It is called a shoulder mount followed by a caterpillar climb and a dismount. I am so glad I am finally able to mount the pole without help. The caterpillar climb needs more work but I'm very happy with it.

For 2014 I want to be more open to new experiences and try not to be so afraid to try new things. What about you?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Guerlain Christmas 2013 Collection Crazy Paris Rouge Automatique 660 Illusion

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you this lipstick before the end of the year as it belongs to the Holiday makeup collections. Before that, I thought I would also show you my haul from Changi Terminal 2 before I flew off to the Maldives.

My first high end wallet. I just love the pink shade and the lovely bow in front. I saw it at the Prada shop and had my greedy eyes on it. I bought it at Changi in the hopes that it would be slightly cheaper.

I picked up two Guerlain lipsticks and a Shiseido cleanser which I thought I would try out.

Out of the whole Crazy Paris collection, I was only interested in Illusion which is described as a sparkling plum. I decided that I wanted o try out plums and fell in love with the swatches of it I made at the local counters. So I decided to wait till I was at the airport to get it because it would be cheaper. It sells for SGD $48 but I got it at DFS for SGD $42.70.

The Crazy Paris collection sports a different look from the normal Rouge Automatiques. Instead of the normal gold casing, this comes in a balck casing with a neon orange slide up button.

Illusion is a semi sheer plum and sparkles. It can be layered for a more opaque effect. The sparkles was more obvious under store lights but on my lips I can't really see them on my lips though. I love the formula, it is lightweight and feels moisturizing on my lips. 

Illusion is a very wearable plum for my skin tone. It is not too dark to be gothic looking instead it brightens up my face. Love it.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Friday, December 27, 2013

Yes Maldives again!

You must be wondering, what again? I was in Maldives back in June and I'm back and yes to the same resort. A month after coming back to the Maldives, hubs and I had a discussion about where to go for the December holidays and I mentioned Maldives. Hubs was totally for the idea and so here we are.

Why Centara Grand again? Why not? We loved the service there the first time round and nothing beats the all inclusive package provided. We really did not need to worry about excursions, food or even spa treatments. Everything was included in the price.

Anyway I let the pictures do the talking. Perhaps you can see why I love this place so much. Warning though, this is a picture heavy post.

Luxury Sunset Villas

We managed to get a villa with a great location. It faces outwards towards the edge of the atoll and the waters are slightly deeper which meant that on high tides we could swim out to the edge of the atoll. This means more fish especially the bigger ones.

I love my quiet times in the morning before my "boys" wake up and create a ruckus. I get a book and a cup of tea or milo and sit right at the edge with my feet dangling out and watch the fish and feel the breeze on my face. Nothing beats the sound of waves, the early morning sun and the smell of the sea.

Here are pictures of the surrounding areas.

These are the lovely ladies at the Island Club who took very good care of us during our visit. I'm surprised that the staff remember us.

Hubs finally decided to pursue his diving dream and take up the PADI course. That meant that DS and I were by ourselves most of the time. I snorkelled at the reef around our villa by myself as DS was still afraid of swimming out there. He prefers the lagoon. I am truly over my fear of snorkelling and managed to swim quite far out by myself to explore. Here are some pictures I took of the marine life.

Our villa from the distance. DS helped to keep a watch out for me while I snorkelled.

Blue Surgeonfish
Meyer's Butterfly Fish
Moorish Idol
Black tipped reef shark
I was very excited to catch a glimpse of a reef shark. I was following it around from a distance and then it switched directions and swam towards my way. I kinda freaked out. I know reef sharks are harmless but when you see one heading your way being a city folk it is still freaky.

I was right in the middle of this school of fish.

Black spotted puffer fish
Parrot Fish

Not sure what this is but I name it Camo Fish!

Express Angelfish

Oriental Sweetlips
I have no idea what this is

Hubs encountered a sea turtle during his practice dive and managed to take this amazing picture.

I hope I named the fish I saw correctly, if I'm wrong do let me know. Would I go to Maldives again? In a heartbeat people! Male is just 4 hours away from Singapore and that is a bug bonus for me because my family hates being stuck in a plane for long. I will probably visit another resort the next time round though .

What is your favourite vacation?