Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tom Ford 02 Cream Foundation Brush

I knew it was only a matter of time before I caved and got a Tom Ford brush. I had to see what the fuss was about. I have quite a few blush brushes already so I decided a foundation brush would be a good addition to my arsenal. I love having more foundation brushes, that way I ca hold off washing them just a wee bit longer.

The brush is a beauty. The heavy handle feels good to hold. It has a dark brown handle just like all of Tom Ford palettes. The gold ferrule looks luxe and the bristles are very soft to the touch. 

Not washed

After washing, you can see that the bristles are poofier and fluffier. It did not shed during washing.

The bronzer brush isn't mine but I got permission from Miaka of Miaka's Life and Loves to play with it. As you can see it is much bigger than the cream foundation brush. The bronzer brush costs US $115 (omg!) and the cream foundation brush costs USD $72.

Aren't they cute side by side?

Anyway, it doesn't say what kind of bristles they are just natural bristles so I suspect they are goat hair.

My Koyudo Fu Pa has more bounce so I literally can feel how dense it is when I use it. Whereas the Tom Ford brush is very soft. It gives a wonderful natural application. I dab my foundation onto my face and use the brush to buff it onto my skin. That way I don't waste foundation.

I like both of them very much, Tom Ford brushes are a real splurge and I feel that it is not a necessity. If you want a great natural bristle brush that is well made, a Koyudo Fu Pa is a better buy. That being said, the snob in me doesn't do regret one bit that I bought it.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks (just because it is s expensive)


  1. Hey Jacqueline, thanks for the post and the wonderful review! I've bee very curious about TF brushes. The only reason why I don't own any yet is because they aren't available here! I'll definitely take a look at the Koyudo Du Pa as well though!

    1. Get TF only if you want to splurge honestly, Suqqu for that matter as well. If you want great ones at affordable prices Koyudo and Hakuhodo are good enough Sunny.

  2. hey Jaqueline! Ohh, u're like my brush twin, i have both that Fupa 02 and the TF cream foundation brush too! Both are LOVES for me... i reserve the TF brush for applying cream blushers though... it's just the right size for that... a tad small for foundations. But that Fupa is my HG for foundations!! Great review!!

    1. Hey silverkis, I was contemplating using the TF brush of cream blush but I already have my Koyudo for that. I am quite lazy when it comes to washing my brushes. Two weeks once so I need to rotate my foundation brushes. I love the Fupa so mch I don't mind getting another one in the future. I would love to see your brush collection babe.


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