Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday afternoon girly lunch

I love girly outings with my gal pals and I've been so lucky to have so many through my blogging journey. I wish I could do it more often but it is difficult juggling work, dance classes and family commitments. Sometimes when I go out on Sundays, I feel guilty that I'm leaving my "boys" to their own devices. But I also see daddy and son time very important for them to bond. So I did not not feel so bad going out last Sunday to have a lovely lunch and window shopping session with dear Luna of Lunaface - The Flintstone Loves Pretty.

Here is a look I did with my new makeup toys. I will do a review of them much later though.

On my lips I have my much neglected YSL Glossy stain in No. 7 Corail Aquatique. 

I broke out my spanky new YSL Palette in Palette Avenue Marceau. I didn't care that the purples would clash with my green dress, I just had to use it.

I finally finished a bottle of foundation. One of my favorites, the Make Up For Ever HD foundation.  I'm promising myself not to buy another one until I finish another bottle.

We went to Sun With Moon to have our salmon fix. I simple love salmon sashimi.

The soup come is a quaint little teapot and we had to wait for the rice set to continue steaming in the container for about a minute. That's Luna in the background. Hey babe!

Look at that gorgeous unagi and tori rice. I love unagi too.

The fun thing about dining with bloggers is how fast we whip out our cameras to take food pictures.

We cannot forget dessert can we. I had my favourite Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette and Luna introduced me to this nondescript looking cheese cake. Heaven at first bite I tell you. This is a Camembert cheesecake. It is light and fluffy with a tang of saltiness. This is going to my growing list of must haves. Thank you my dear of introducing this little piece of heaven.

I realize that I'm quite set with my food choices. I always go for the same items because I know I will like it. I am very glad to have others introduce me to other food items though.

Are you adventurous with our food choices? What was the most out there food item you tried?


  1. Hey Jacqueline, love your look! It's pretty, girly, and spring-y! The food looks SO. DANG. NICE. I wish I could find stuff here. Maybe I can, but it'll cost an arm and a leg for sure!

    1. Is Japanese food very expensive in Belgium? This whole set cost me about SGD $19, USD $16. So what are your favourite food? I'm always hunting for salmon sashimi.


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