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Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 Collection Midnight Glow Palette

(Taken from the press kit)

Transformed by her make-up, the Midnight Glow heroine strikes the perfect balance between light and shadow. Her radiant aura offers glimpses of a unique style: sensual, feminine, and highly desirable. “I chose ultra-sophisticated rhinestones, such as pearls and black and white diamonds. Then I combined them with traditional eye make-up: a halo with soft colors in the crease to keep the mobile eyelid light, creating a sense of mystery, and shadows to balance the look. Applying make-up to the hair was a creative idea that occurred to me spontaneously. In the flow of the creative process, I wanted to extend the material onto the hair to create the celestial radiance of a shooting star. It gives the make-up look a structured, extremely graphical effect. That consistently clean line comes from my passion for architecture and sculpture. Under the eye mask, I wanted to highlight the cheekbones with "star dust" to draw attention to the center of the face while keeping the rest of it in a shadowy light, as though moonlit. I love the idea of the glow produced at night by the moon and stars, telling the story of a radiant and mysterious heroine who embodies everything feminine. This heroine is ready for adventure…”

“This festive new collection is inspired by the elegance and mystery of Venetian balls, where women would wear eye masks so they could carouse without being recognized. These exceptional masks, embellished with lace and sparkling stones, are worn to hide their wearer’s identity while enhancing her beauty. Today, the tradition lives on in the glitter and rhinestones that are lighting up runway shows: a signature look for MAKE UP FOR EVER, who is the expert in sparkle and shine. For this look, I chose ultra-sophisticated rhinestones, such as black and white diamonds and pearls, and combined them with soft and light eye make-up. Applying make-up to the hair was a spontaneous, creative idea that occurred when I was exploring to extend the materials onto the hair so as to create the celestial radiance of a shooting star. When we put our imaginations to work, make-up can transform us.” Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

Sensual and luminescent, the Midnight Glow collection lights up the holidays with products that create a dreamily romantic style. These 100% exclusive products offer a completely fresh approach: designed specially for the occasion, they celebrate the mystery of femininity in crystal-clear, iridescent textures with the subtle glint of gemstones. Breaking away from the traditional Christmas colors, the collection mixes Gun Metal and Gold Pink, the two iconic shades of the look, with Snow White, Metallic Taupe, Midnight Purple, and Icy Blue.

I am very glad to have received these lovely items for review. Thank you Make Up For Ever!

As the star product for Midnight Glow, Dany’s new palette reinterprets the new MAKE UP FOR EVER logo for the holiday season. New formulas play with transparency in new ways! The texture of these long-wearing eye shadows, which contains mostly
of mother-of-pearl particles, now comes in cool new hues that produce a transparent finish on the skin and blend seamlessly for radiant shine and a diamond finish. 

"What you see is more of the idea of a color than the color itself. The one thing that comes through clearly is light. Even the metallic shadow is translucent: everyone can wear it, regardless of age, look, or skin tone. It’s impossible to go wrong with this
texture, whether or not you’re a professional make-up artist: its transparent iridescence never adds too much color, which makes it very wearable for a special event or even in everyday life,” emphasizes Dany.

The extreme brilliance and ultra-long-lasting results are made possible by a new formula that combines two specific elements: micronized pigments, together with spherical and lamellar powders. An incredibly silky texture surrounds the eyes with a veil of light and gives them a velvety feel. Along with the 2 key shades, Gun Metal and Gold Pink, the palette offers a total of 8 colors, including 6 new shades: Snow White, Midnight Purple, Urban Icy Blue, and Icy Pink, Matte Black and Metallic Taupe. It also includes 2 small brushes made of synthetic fibers. One is designed for precise application of eye color on the eyelids, and the other is used to create a gradient or
emphasize the crease.


I will start my series of Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 Collection by featuring the star product of the collection, the Midnight Glow palette.

I think most of Make Up For Ever's palettes are the same size. It is a slim and compact metal case which is very easy to tote around.

From left to right: Snow White, Gun Metal, Urban Icy Blue and Icy Pink

From left to right: Matt Black, Gold Pink, Midnight Purple and Metallic Taupe
Swatches made without primer
Swatches made with Urban Decay Primer Potion
These shadows work best with a primer especially the shimmery shades to prevent fall out. These shadows have medium pigmentation. They feel soft except for the matt black which feels drier to me. As much as I love the colours on this palette, I wish there was another darker colour included into the palette. 

The eye shadows blend well and the colours stay true on my lids. The shimmery shades are really gorgeous when applied on the lids. They brightens up the lids with classy crystal shine. I wore the shimmery eye shadows for my Saturday marathon dance and pole class with minimal fall out, no creasing or smudging. So yay!

These are some of the beautiful eye looks included in the press kit.

Well my makeup skills are at best basic so here is my take on how I would use the Midnight Glow palette for two day looks.

Metallic Taupe all over the eye lids
Midnight Purple on the outer corner of my eyes
Gold Pink on the inner corner of my eyes
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Black
Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara 
My first finished look
Gun Metal on my lids and Urban Icy Blue on the inner corner of my eyes.
Matt black on the outer corner of my eyes.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Black and Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara 
My second finished look
I think if you are a fan of shimmer and shine you will love this palette. There are a great many looks you can do with this palette from a day time neutral to a smokey night time look.

Ratings: 4 lipstick

The Midnight Glow collection will be launched on 14 November Watch out for it.

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. Now that I want! Beautiful range of shades that will be great for the holiday season, I love both the looks you have created xx

    1. Thank you Clare, I wish I had better makeup skills but I'm happy with what I came up with. Midnight Glow is quite the versatile palette.

  2. Hey Jacqueline, thanks for sharing the promo images as well as your looks! I'm drooling all over that purple, and the matte black looks amazing as well!


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