Sunday, October 20, 2013

Koyudo at Isetan Scotts and Haul

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I had a little bit of time so I thought I would squeeze in a post about the recent Koyudo Fair that I believe is still happening at Isetan Scotts. It was a tiny fair held in conjunction with the Japanese Fair that Isetan frequently has. I have always been on a lookout for Koyudo brushes because I want to get my hands on a Koyudo Fu Pa. Anyway I couldn't get my hands on one because the SA there said the Fu Pas they had were all sold out on the first 2 days of the fair. Bummer!

Taken from the Koyudo website
You need to check out some for Koyudo's brushes features here in Kas Loves Makeup. Elaine her guest blogger shows her favoured brushes. Seeing her collection just makes me drool. Here I some pictures I snapped while selecting some brushes to return home with me.

I really wanted to bring that white goat hair cheek brush home with me but I already have enough blush brushes. It is so soft! It is about SGD $80

These are the 3 brushes I bought. A retractable brush for my pressed powder for touch ups, another eye brush for my crease and a highlighter brush. I do not need another highlighter brush but the dome shape was too cute to resist

The BP023 is a dense highlighter brush. It costs SGD $38.

BP036 is an eye shadow brush for the crease. SGD $30.

I am going to put this in my makeup pouch for touch ups. SGD $47.

I love Koyudo brushes. I find them well made and of good quality. Some of them are priced quite reasonably. Do you have any favourtite Koyudo brushes?


  1. Jacq, the handwritten numbers on the labels on the plastic wraps of each brush are the price of the brushes! ;)

    1. Ah... You see, silly me, thank you Nonno, I must give you a big hug.

  2. My dear, I wish I had picked one of their Fu Pa range. I picked few brushes in that fair too and I will post a short review soon :)
    It would be great if Japanese brushes is sold permanently in Singapore :)

    1. I am dying to see what you got for yourself my dear.


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