Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chanel Fall Collection 2013: Superstition No. 43 Mystere Quandra Eye Shadow swatches and review

I present to you the Fall 2013 eye shadow quad Mystere. To be honest, I didn't immediately think about owning this quad when I saw the promo pictures. I'm like a magpie to be honest, my eyes are instantly attracted to bling and sparkle. So a quad filled with greys and blacks didn't really catch my attention in the beginning. I am also afraid of greys, somehow my colouring doesn't suit cool greys.

I saw the swatches on The Beauty Look Book and the intense pigmentation got me hooked.  I took a deep breath and told dear Meryl of memoiselle.com to get it for me.

Image taken from Chanel website

Honestly when I swatched Mystere on my arm I felt instantly like perhaps I bought a dud. Although they felt soft to the touch, the two darkest shades swatched a little dry on my arms. I was however very pleased that when applied on the eyes, the shadows applied beautifully. I am holding on the US version of Mystere which dear Meryl from Memoiselle kindly got her mom to buy for me. I took out my very old Oasis quad which I bought in Singapore eons ago to compare the texture. Many people have been saying the the US version is much softer and of better quality. Granted that my Oasis quad is very old, I do feel that the Mystere quad is much softer in texture. It almost has a buttery texture.

For the look below I used Burberry's Sheer Eye Shadow in Porcelain as a base. I placed the shimmery cream shade on my brow bone and added the lightest grey taupe shade on my lids to above my crease.

Next, using the narrow sponge applicator from the quad I applied the second darkest shade from the outer corner of my eye working inwards.

I lined my eyes with Chanel's Stylo Yeaux Waterproof Eye Liner in Noir Intense. Then I went over the eye liner with the darkest shade.

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper

Although it was not love at first sight, I am growing to love this quad immensely. I love how I can do a subtle smokey look to an intense one easily. It does wonders to emphasize my eyes. The texture and blendability makes it a pleasure to use. The colours are well coordinated. I do not need to scratch my head to figure out how to use all 4 colours. I give it  a big thumbs up!

It sells for USD $59. 

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Ahh you got the US version! It looks nicer, but probably not one of Chanel's best. I do love how it looks on you though! I think the darkest shade looks a little khaki in the pressed version!

  2. All I can say that this quad is going to be a classic fave quad for me. It is more gorgeous when swatched and worn compared to the pan ;)


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