Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NARS Voulez-Vous Coucher vec Moi,Ce Soir Eye and Cheek Palette swatches and review

The NARS palette wasn't something I intended to buy. I have a thing with the rubber casing, I don't really like dealing with it because it attracts all sorts of powder marks and looks dirty very quickly.

Initially when I went to see it as the NARS counter in Singapore, I was tempted but resisted. Somehow seeing it again on the Nordstrom website made me want it even more. Honestly I don't think I saved that much though. It cost USD $59. This time round I paid about SGD $5 per shipping which works out to be around SGD $80. I think it is selling for SGD $89at the Singapore counters. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Blush: Deep Throat

Top left to right: Molokai and Antananarivo Bottom left to right: Lhasa and Rangoun
Blush: Dolce Vita

Left to right:  Deep Throat and Dolce Vita
As much as I love how pigmented NARS blushes are, sometimes I worry about too pigmented ones. I use my softest blush brushes when using these. Typically I pick these blushes with my MAC 187 stippling brush by gently tapping on the blush, shaking off the excess and gently tapping on my cheeks.

Deep Throat on my cheeks

Dolce Vita on my cheeks

Of the two blushes, I love Deep Throat the most. It love the peachy shade with gold shimmer. Dolce Vita looks slightly ruddy on my cheeks. I have to be very careful when applying this to make sure I don't get clown cheeks.

I love the quality of all the shadows. They are pigmented and soft and very easy to work with. I was afraid that Lhasa would be too cool for me but its not the case. I love it! 

Above, I have Molokai all over my lids with Antananarivo on my lids up to my crease. Rangoun on the outer crease.

Lhasa on my lids.

Rangoun on the outer crease with black liner and DUP lashes.

Overall this is a wonderfully versatile palette with quality blushes and eye shadows. I can do many looks with this. It is a great palette to take with you for your travels. I still don't love the casing so I store this in the box it came in. My palette already looks somewhat dirty and no amount of cleaning is getting rid of the marks.

For $80 I get 2 blushes and 4 eye shadows. Pretty good deal if I say so myself.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks (just because I don't love the casing)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Beauty Event


Just last Friday I was invited down by the great people at Make Up For Ever Singapore to try out the the new Pro Finish powder. It was Friday date night for me and the hubs (as dear Pammy from J'adore Rougit aptly calls it Fridate! I think that sounds so cute.) So to kill two bids with one stone, I went to Ion Sephora from the event and then met my hubs for dinner.

I think I was the last blogger to arrive so it was quiet and I didn't have to wait for my turn. I had the honor of meeting Mr Irwan Bin Yaakup the Education and Artistry Executive who sat me down and introduced to me the new Pro Finish powder which is a multi-use powder foundation. I will give you more details about the powder in a later post.

My seat for the next 20 minutes
We chatted to find out what is my skin undertone. I look best with gold jewelry and have greenish veins. I confirmed what I suspected for a long time that I have a warm or yellow skin undertone. The we went about deciding which shade was a best fit. Irwan picked 3 warm tones shades from fair to medium, 117 Golden Ivory, 123 Golden Beige and 127 Golden Sand. After removing my foundation around my jaw line, he proceeded to use a wedge sponge to gently press all three colours onto my jawline.

There is a 3 step process in shade selection. The customer is asked which shade she feels best fits her. The MA will give his or her recommendation  Finally the customer decides which shade best fit her and the shade is confirmed. Irwan asked me which shade I thought fit me best, I picked 117. He thought that 123 was the closest match to my skin tone but also mentioned that it is best to select something a tad lighter so that when the powder oxidizes it will match me best. So we both confirmed that 117 was the best for me. 

Now comes my favorite part of the whole process. Irwan uses his magical hands on my face. A mini makeover. He dabs the powder on my face especially under my eye and around my cheeks and proceeded to gently blend. 

I must thank dear Sabrina for taking such amazing pictures of the whole process. Thank you my dear. 

Did you know that there are a total of 25 shades. There is definitely something to fit the many varieties of skin tones in Singapore. I was telling Irwan my pet peeve is cosmetic companies that only release 4 to 5 shades for Singapore and think that it is enough. They are practically excluding more half of the population in Singapore. So not cool!

And ladies, when selecting a shade don't choose something that is too light for your complexion, it is very obvious and honestly not that nice looking. Always select something close to your own skin tone.

Then he blends the powder down my neck line to make sure that my neck and face matches. Don't you hate it when it doesn't match?

I am a satisfied customer!
Finally he sprays the Mist and Fix spray to make my face look less powdery and set it.

To be honest when Irwan first applied the powder, I thought it was quite heavy. I am very used to wearing small amounts of liquid foundation with a light dusting of loose powder. The powder gave me almost full coverage and I was a tad unused to it. But by the time I met my husband, I think my foundation blended with my natural oils secreted and it became very natural yet flawless. My hubs complimented me on my complexion.

Hubs: Wah! Your acne scars  look like they disappeared. What happened???
Me: Hehe good makeup artist and good foundation!

I could kiss you Irwan! Muack!

By the way I really loved how he accentuated my cheeks with a blend of peach and pink blush. The way he applied the blush, I must learn and do it at home.

So how did my Fridate go? As usual, hubs and I take Fridates as a chance to reconnect with one another considering how busy and tired we are on work days. On most days conversations revolve around my son, household chores and work. We make it a point to enjoy each other's company where ever it may be. This time round we ate at the food court at Ion. Not the most glamorous of all places but it is the company that matters.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NARS Satin Lip Pencil Lodhi Swatches and Review

I have officially put NARS Satin Lip pencils on the hoard worthy list. I simply love this and can't get enough of them.

I have Yu, Majella, Lodhi and Luxembourg (I just realised that I have not posted a review on this, will fix it soon).

Why do I love them so? Well they are very pigmented and have a satiny finish. They actually look even better when worn for a while. Even though they might not be the most moisturizing lip product around I don't mind because their colours are just amazing.

Lodhi is a bright coral.

Top to bottom: Lodhi, Yu, Majella and Luxemboug
Top to bottom: Majella, Yu, Luxembourg and Lodhi

Lodhi suits my colouring very well and it is my go to summer lip colour for the moment.

It sells of USD $25 or SGD $37.

If you intend to just buy one pencil, it would be just easier to get it at the NARS counter at Tangs but if you intend to splurge and get more perhaps you might want to order them online. The price difference is about SGD $7. Online shopping tip! If you wait for drugstore.com, they do have 20% discounts once in a while. Then you will be able to buy this for only USD $20. Is that a good deal or what?

Ratings: 4- lipsticks

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shu Uemura Tokyo Light Eye shadow palette Swatches and Review

The Shu Uemura Tokyo Light palettes is an exclusive palette that can be found at Kris shop on Singapore Airlines. I first saw this on Memoiselle and said to myself that if I had the opportunity to fly on Singapore Airlines I would buy it. By the way I think this is also available in Japan if I'm not mistaken.

It features 6 of the most gorgeous shades ever. I love my shimmery neutrals and this palette is just such a winner for me.

The above two are sparkle shades and I like dabbing this over my completed eye look right on the middle of my lids. It makes my eyes shine.

The dark brown shade is a matte shade.

For the eye look below, I used the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last shade from the eye palette from the left. I used the 3rd shade as an all over lid colour. The 2nd shade from the outer corner blended inwards and the 1st shade right on the outer corner near my lash line. I dabbed the last shade on the middle of my lids for some sparkle.

For the next eye look, I used my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rosegold as a base. Then I used the 4th shade on my lids up to my crease. Followed by the 1st and 2nd shade at the outer corner of my eyes. Finally I dabbed the 5th (sparkly gold) shade on the inner corner of my eyes. I love how this instantly glams up the whole look.

The Shu Uemura is an excellent warm palette with a variety of warm colours to create different looks. The quality of the shadows is excellent. Well pigmented and soft. The two sparkly shades do not have fall out issues which is a definite plus in my books. I paid about SGD $75 which to me is well worth such a wonderful palette. It might be a little difficult to find but well worth the trouble to hunt for it.

Ratins: 5+ lipsticks