Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hakuhodo Brush Up Fair and haul

Back in the end of August, Hakohodo held a brush up fair at Takashimaya. I think when news came out that Hakuhodo was in Singapore, every beauty addict came out from their hidey holes and went to that fair. Okay I might be exaggerating but from what I gathered from the sales staff, they were surprised by how well received they were. There were ladies who visited the fair numerous times to stock up on brushes.

I was lucky enough to get a free day and I made it a point to hunt the fair down and make a visit. It was a small little counter but the number of ladies swarming the place were plentiful.  Like bees to honey.

Anyway, once you start touching these, basically you will want to bring everything home.

I can only drool at the Kokutans and the above, the S100 series. These are the most expensive and luxe of the lot of brushes.

(Information taken from the Hakuhodo website)

S100 Vermillion Brush Range - this is the flagship range of Hakuhodo. Crafted for ease of use, our S100 series features a wide variety of brush types. The handle is made of wood colored in rich vermillion, a traditional Japanese color. The handle broadens slightly towards the bottom. Sumptuous to hold and superbly balanced for easy handling. The brass ferrule is 24-karat gold plated with clear coating.

The handles in our Kokutan (Ebony wood) range are sumptuous to hold, improve as you use and are perfectly weighted for exacting control. These brushes feature precisely defined brush heads made from superior-quality blue squirrel, goat and synthetic blend.

I settled for the a mixture of brushes from their other series which were more affordable. The pictures below are taken pre wash.

Below is my most expensive buy. The J531 Powder and Blush Brush L Angled. I paid SGD $90 for this. It is USD $87 online

(Information taken from the Hakuhodo website)


The densely packed, angled bristles are made from goat. The angled shape means that even the side surface of the bristles has hair tips and was carefully designed to deliver product to tiny areas such as around the eyes and beside the nostrils. Resilient yet soft, this bristle type will produce great color. Distributing product quickly and evenly, it will help you achieve the radiant and polished finish you desire!

I use the J531 for my bronzers for a soft diffused effect. I love how soft this is. My DS picked it up while I was leaving them to dry and wouldn't let go of it. He kept brushing it on his face.

I couldn't resist getting eye shadow brushes because they were so affordable. 

K021 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat

Close up of K021 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat
Side view of K021 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat

I bought the K021 to use as an all over lid colour brush. It is made of Blue Squirrel hair and costs SGD $33. It is the same price online at USD $33. I bought this mainly to interchange with my other favourite all over lid brush the Suqqu Eyeshadow brush in L.

Comparison of K021 (top) and Suqqu L (bottom)

Closeup comparison of K021 (top) and Suqqu L (bottom)

The Hakuhodo features a firmer brush head and gives a more pigmented all over lid colour whereas my Suqqu is much much softer and gives a sheerer veil of colour.

K024 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat
Closeup view of K024 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat
The K024 has a smaller and shorter head. It is made of horse hair. It is good for applying pigmented lid colour on the upper eye lid. I paid SGD $19. USD $17 online.

Comparison between K024 (top) and Suqqu M
Closeup comparison between K024 (top) and Suqqu M
To be honest, I prefer the Hakuhodo. The application is more pigmented because the brush head is stiffer.

G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush Tapered
Closeup of G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush Tapered
I have not owned a brush like this before. I have a few crease brushes but not one as tapered as this. It is a mixture of Blue Squirrel and Goat hair. It is also slightly shorter than the rest of my Hakuhodo brushes. This brush helps me put a definite spot of colour on my crease and helps me to blend my eye colours at the crease well. I paid SGD $29, it is USD $28 online.

I am very happy with my purchases. The prices are very reasonable for such great quality brushes. 

A word of caution though. I have a habit of using my MAC brush cleaner to clean my eye brushes instead of washing them with soap. (I admit I am lazy!) My bad habit is to spray the cleaner directly onto the brush head instead of on a cotton pad because it is much faster to clean. I notice that my older Hakuhodo brushes show signs of rust on the metal ferrule. So don't do that! Use soap or baby shampoo instead if you want to maintain your brushes.

I hear that Hakuhodo will be coming back in the beginning of 2014. I can't wait to get my hands on more brushes. It is so much easier to pick and choose brushes that you will really use instead of guessing what you see online.

Ratings: 5++ lipsticks (I am give extra pluses because not only are the products great, the staff at the counter were all helpful and informative.)


  1. haha! I went, and I spent a huge fortune on two sets, and a number of loose brushes. So I guess, I probably wouldn't pick up too many more when they return next year. But thanks for the alert. I wouldn't be there if not for the alert.

    1. Hi Joey, thanks for leaving me a comment. I would love to see what you hauled, wow. You probably bought enough to last for a really long time. I think Hakuhodo brushes are definitely worth collecting.

  2. Great haul! One easy way to clean your brushes using MAC brush cleanser is to dilute it with one part water to one part cleanser in a small cup, then just swirl your brushes in it and rinse. This works well for getting rid of powder products like eyeshadows. For cream products like liquid foundations and concealers, I use Daiso's sponge cleanser instead and lather it up in my palm with the brush. I tried using baby shampoo before but found that it seemed to leave a residue, so I still prefer to use MAC brush cleanser. I would not use soap in case it is too drying.

    1. ;Hey Haru, I used to use the Daiso cleaner too but I was worried using them on my more expensive brushes so I used them for my sponges and sturdier aka cheaper brushes. I find the Make Up Store soap extremely gentle and effective in cleaning my brushes especially my foundation brushes. I'll definitely try your method for my eye brushes. Thanks my dear.}

  3. Whoaa this is NOT fair! I wish I could get to check out all the Hakuhodo brushes! You hauled some really nice-looking ones!

    1. Aw... Sunny these are definitely worth checking out if you get a chance. Nothing beats seeing these in real life. Honestly sometimes buying online can be a touch and go thing with brushes.

  4. Great picks! Kim and I went down the first evening too cuz we couldn't resist.. hahaha.. I ended up hauling quite a bit.. my first Hakuhodos.. I do prefer the white hair ones, which the SA sheepishly recommended over the black cuz they're not dyed.. loll

    1. I know, I saw your hauls and that gave me the push to look for the counter. You ladies made a good haul. I really like the white hair brushes too.

  5. Will you be able to get into the BeautyAsia fair coming 17-19 Feb? they say it's for beauty trade and profession only.I want to get some Hakuhodo!!! :(..

    1. I don't think I can go cos I wasn't invited! which is a pity :( boo! You could try to email them.


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