Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Make-up Palette for Face and Eyes swatches and review

I had this for quite some time now and had not had the chance to review this for you yet. I believe this is a travel exclusive. I bought mine at the DFS at Changi Airport.

Did I mention how much I love shopping for makeup at the DFS at Changi, the prices are very competitive and there is always a wide selection. I always feel like a kid in a candy store whose mommy told her she could only buy two items. I want everything and I can't decide what I really want. So sometimes it is good to have a list with you.

I did not plan to buy this. I have seen this palette featured in Mostly Sunny's blog. It was pretty especially the eye shadows but I have way too many bronzers and don't need another one.

I actually had my eye on getting some YSL Rouge Volupte Shines but was thwarted by the fact that they didn't have many in stock. I was feeling disappointed and hell bent on getting something. I came across this palette and remembered Sunny's blog. So I gave it a swatch. The eye shadows were pigmented and soft. I also fell in love with the heavy bronze metal packaging. Well you know what happened next. Erhem!

I took opportunity to take pictures of it on location at Maldives. When I go for vacations, I like to think of my makeup as models going on location for a photo shoot. Yes  know I'm lame. But I wanted to show you something rather than the standard white paper backing you know.

This palette comes in a lovely dark brown plush like casing which also attracts powder like crazy. Notice the finger smudges on the fist picture. It comes with a brush and a sponge application which I don't use. The brush is soft though and if need be I do take it out to use.

Look at the beautiful shine on this baby. Isn't it just a sexy work of art. I could hold it all day. It comes in two tiers. First tier holds the bronzer and the second, the lovely eye shadows.

I love that there are two shades of bronzer provided. Then I can customise it to suit my colouring. The powders are matte yet soft and almost creamy feeling.

The eye shadows are winners. Like Sunny I wish they would have been the same size for all the shadows because the two darkest shades are the real gems. One is a dark khaki olive and the other is a dark bronze with hints of dark plum. 

Not only are these finely milled and pigmented. They blend well and last on my oily lids. I took a 30 minute nap on my bed in these before jumping out and getting ready for my dance classes. I didn't have to touch up at all.

Here is a look I did with all the eye shadow shades. The lightest champagne gold shade on my brow bones with my Suqqu L eye brush followed by the second greyish beige shade on my lids  with my Suqqu M brush.

The khaki olive shade from the outer corner of my eyes working inwards. More of the shade used as a contour.

A dash of the darkest bronzey slightly plummy shade as an accent on the outer corner of my eyes.

My standard black liquid liner and trying out for the first time D.U.P. fake lashes. I am in LOVE with these!

Here are the products I used for my entire look.

Darn it! I lost my receipt so can't tell you exactly how much it cost but I vaguely remember it is between SGD $85 to $90. Not too bad considering you get two shades of bronzer and 4 eye shadows packed in a gorgeous case. Did I mention how wonderful the quality of all the products are? Well if you are into bronzey colours, this is a palette you should not pass up.

Rating: 5 lipsticks


  1. I don't think that's lame, it's a great way to plan your makeup actually!
    This palette looks absolutely amazing, love the look you've created with it. I don't have a lot of familiarity with Guerlain's products but I've recently bought Madame Batifole, I really want to try more from the range.

    1. I really love their eye shadow palettes, the quads not the duos though. The quality of the shadows are exceptional.

  2. Hey Jacqueline, thanks for the link love! I'm glad you picked this up and like it! Need to explore more of these dutyfree gems LOL

    1. I am very glad I picked this up, all thanks to you Sunny.


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