Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Fall Collection 2013 Blue Sepia Palette swatches and reviews

(Taken from the press kit)

The BLUE SEPIA muse calls to mind the models who posed for fashion designers in the 50s’: perfectly obedient on the outside but rebellious on the inside. , and absolutely inspiring. They embodied a new,stronger type of femininity, a symbol of resilient strength to fight for liberation in that era.

I always try to elicit emotions with my collections and the Blue Sepia woman is especially meaningful because she’s my dream heroine. I've always loved the 1950s’ films and the artisanal atmosphere of haute couture workshops. It was an era of transition, when styles were changing and the ascent of fashion designers transformed femininity. Women became stronger, more liberated and self-confident. Ava Gardner, Isadora
Duncan and Marlene Dietrich, the leading figures of the period, are striking examples of this change—and even today, they’re still so modern. This is why I designed this collection so it can tell that story and to give women another opportunity to imagine, dream and reinvent themselves… to be even more beautiful and free.
Dany Sanz Creator and Artistic Director, MAKE UP FOR EVER


The season’s star palette highlights color right from the start; its streamlined design features stylized, graphical and ultra-feminine typography. It spotlights the masterful combination of Petrol Blue, this season’s new black, with sepia tones. With 5 vibrant shades of brown, 1 shimmering pink and 1 basic black, the palette paints a perfect picture with the electrifying Petrol Blue at centerstage. Offering an ideal range of textures and effects to create any make-up look, from simple to sophisticated or extremely artistic, with 1 satiny, 2 iridescent (Light Pink and Petrol Blue) and 5 matte shades of eye shadows, all the eye shadows have a silky texture that allows for quick, easy application. The Blue Sepia palette offers a unique professional touch: 2 of the eye shadow colors can double up as eyebrow make-up. In addition, 2 new-fiber brushes complete this essential eye color kit that is suitable for both make-up professional and urban women to use. The 2-sided brush is applying eye make-up with precision and creating a variety of effects while the other brush is specially designed to help enhance the brows. On the back of the palette, 2 illustrated step-by-step guides thoroughly explain the application technique for using the colors to produce 2 key BLUE SEPIA looks.

I came home the other day to find a cute Make Up For Ever bag waiting for me. You don't know how happy that makes me. I love Make Up For Ever Products. This is what I found in my bag. The Blue Sepia eye shadow palette and a cute makeup pouch autographed by top celebrity make-up artist from Taiwan, Kai Chang 小凯老师. He was in Singapore recently as the new Make Up For Ever ambassador.

You can check out the exclusive interview with Xiao Kai Lao Shi here. I am super stoked and honored. The lovely ladies at MUFE was so thoughtful to have have gotten an autograph for us Thank you so much!

Inside the cute makeup pouch was three Rouge Artist Palettes. I'm literally squealing with delight. So many products to play with.

Today I am focusing on the Blue Sepia palette which is a stunner.

That petrol blue in the midst of gorgeous neutrals are a treat to the eyes.

The palette consists of 8 shades encased in a metal casing. Enclosed are two mini eye shadow brushes.

I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base underneath my swatches. Look at how pigmented and intense the shadows are. The only disappointing shade is the matte black shade. I love the shimmery shades best.

For my first eye look, I used No. 127 Metallic Taupe all over my lids and No. 152 Light Pink to highlight my brow bones.

No. 128 Copper Fawn on my upper lids up to my crease.

I had problems with the Petrol Blue shade. It is kinda powdery. So when I used the brush 226P given from the palette to apply Petrol Blue I made a mistake, I swept it on. Blue shadow went onto my under eye area and on the areas of my lids I didn't want to do. I should have used my own eye brush and patted the shadow instead of sweeping it. 

For the second look, I decided to keep it simple but add a bright pop of blue. I used No. 128 Copper Fawn over my lids for warmth.

Using Make Up For Ever's Mist and Fix spray I wet the 214P brush which looks like an eye liner brush and lined my upper lids. I made a thick line so that the bright blue would not be hidden by my lids.

For the last look, I didn't want to do a run of the mill neutral look so I did a smokey eye look. I used No. 127 Metallic Taupe all over my lids and added No. 152 Light Pink as a brow highlight. I patted No. 17 Espresso all over my upper lids up to my crease and used No. 98 as a contour. Finally added No. 04 Black on the outer corner of my eyes. I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes in 0L (Back) to intensify the look by lining my eyes and then using No. 04 to go over the eye pencil.

The Blue Sepia palette is an excellent palette that will please neutral lovers. The added Petrol Blue gives the palette a sexy and fun vibe depending on how you use the shade. Most of the colours are pigmented ad soft except No. 04 Black. It swatched slightly drier than the rest. Petrol Blue has slight fall out issues so be warned. Have a dusting of loose powder underneath your eyes to catch the fall out. Remember to pat the colour on instead of sweeping it on. To intensify Petrol Blue either use it wet and have a cream eye shadow base underneath to grab the pigment.

I love all the neutral shades. They are soft and blend so beautifully. They suit my skin tone wonderfully as well.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. I swatched this last week and I must say that I am really tempted to get it. The neutrals were great for everyday use and that turquoise is stunning!

    1. Meryl, the quality of this palette is tops! The neutrals are very easy to work with.

  2. I love the looks you have created, and the blue is just stunning, the neutrals look a bit warm for me though but I am still feeling tempted :)

    1. The neutrals here definitely lean towards the warm side I guess hat is why I like it so much.

  3. OOO wow, look at that blue! So sorry to hear the matte black isn't the best! The rest of the palette does look really nice though!

    1. Sunny, they are gorgeous. Although the matte black didn't swatch well on my arm it was alright on my lids.

  4. Love this palette, it really looks lovely! x


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