Sunday, August 18, 2013

Guerlain Terra Ora Summer Collection: Guerlain Fard Metal Iridescent Eye Shadows 01 Cuivre Ora

The Guerlain Fard Metal Iridescent Eye Shadows are part of Guerlain's Terra Ora Summer Collection 2013. There are quite a few beautiful pieces in the collection but I had my eye on these two loose eye shadows. I have actually past my loose pigment phase. For a while, I was crazy about MAC pigments and collected them like crazy. Then I decided I didn't want to deal with the hassle of fall out so stopped getting them.

You know how I love summer collections. Well the promise of metallic pigmented summer colours just pulled me in. The swatches of Cuivre Ora was stunning so I simply had to get it. Bronze Ora is equally stunning but I will share Bronze Ora with you in a separate post.

My impressions of the packaging of the Fard Metal Iridescent eye shadows are initially quite good. It looks very classy and nice. Something that could sit prettily on your dressing table. 

I have issues with getting the eye shadows out though. When I unscrew the cap, the cap with the attached sponge applicator springs up. After use, if I am not too careful and push the applicator back into the tube quickly I notice a little bit of loose eye shadow powder puffing out. What a waste. You can see the loose powder all over the rim of the tube above. Every time I use this, I take extra care to slowly push the applicator back in. When I apply the sponge applicator directly on my lids I notice that there is some fall out issues. To combat this, I make sure I use my primer and apply loose powder liberally under my eyes. I also use my eye shadow brush to pat against the sponge applicator for application. I definitely think that the packaging could be improved on.

Left to right; Without primer versus over Urban Decay Primer Potion
Cuirve Ora is a gorgeous warm metallic copper shade. It is stunning especially on warm skin tones like mine.

Here is a look I did with Cuivre Ora. First I primed my lids with Urban Decay's Primer Potion and then used my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold as an all over lid colour. Then I swiped the Cuivre Ora sponge applicator onto my eye lids. My primer basically held the pigment well but I found it difficult to blend. I used my fluffy eye brush to pick up more pigment from the sponge applicator and blended that to my crease line and beyond.

I did not want to do a single colour so I layered Chanel's Convoistise from the inner corner of my lids.

Finally black eye liner and mascara.

On my lips I am wearing YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Golden Luster in Corail Dor. I love this!

My final look.

The products I used.

I took out my Laura Mercier Fire Glow for a comparison because both of them look quite similar. Fire Glow can also look metallic provided you apply it wet. To my eyes, Fire Glow is slightly more orange and less metallic. I don't think you need to get both though.

Left to right: Laura Mercier Fire Glow versus Guerlain Cuivre Ora
This goes for USD $35 or SGD $44 for 0.7 g of product. That is not a lot of product. If you wanted value for money, Laura Mercier would be a better choice at USD $24 or SGD $39 for 2.5 g of product.

Nevertheless it is a very pretty colour.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks just because the packaging could go a little work and it is more expensive that Fire Glow which is quite a close dupe.


  1. I actually like the LM better because it seems less shimmery, nice review though!

    1. Hey Lily, LM is really nice. I can't help myself, I love sparkles and shimmer. :)


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