Sunday, August 18, 2013

Giorgio Armani Fall Collection 2013 Kaleidoscope Sightings and Revamped Giorgio Armani counter at DFS Orchard

I just wanted to share with pictures of the newly revamped Giorgio Armani counter at DFS Orchard. Last Friday, I had a rare opportunity to leave work early so I decided to go to Orchard Road to do some window shopping. I decided to visit the Giorgio Armani counter at DFS Orchard to see if they had the new fluid sheers. I am so happy to see the revamped counter. It is large and spacious very befitting of the brand.

The counter carries the Eyes To Kill palettes but not the shimmer palettes. They don't carry all the fluid sheers either only a highlighter shade No. 2, blush shade No. 6 and a bronzer shade No. 11 or No. 12.

I had the good fortune of being there just as Crystine the MA was opening up the new Kaleidoscope Collection. She kindly allowed me to take pictures of the new Eyes To Kill shadows and palettes.  

Left to right: No. 30 Rose Popillia and No. 31 June Beetle.
Left to right: No. 32 Gold Hercule and No. 33 Scarab Violetta
Left to right: No. 34 Blue Beetle and No. 35 Silver Chaffer
Left to right: No. 1 Mystic Blue and No. 2 Venomous Green Face ad Eye Palettes

No. 1 Mystic Blue consists of a Rosy Blush face powder and three eye shadows in Smoky Purple, Iridescent Blue and Satin Grey Blue.

No. 2 Venomous Green  features a Light Pink Blush face powder and three eye shadows in Copper Wood, Iridescent Jade and Sea Green.

These palettes look so amazing you have got to check them out.

Anyway I could not swatch them but you can check out Rouge Deluxe's swatches here. What an amazing haul she had.

I have Gold Hercule, Scarab Violetta and Blue Beetle coming from Sak's Fifth. I think I have to go back from June Beetle which looks awesome and perhaps also the Venoumous Green palette. What are your picks?


  1. Hi Jac,
    Lovely preview!
    May I know if you paid for saks order with s'pore credit card? Is it an online order?
    Thank you

    1. Yes Eunice it was an online order and I used a Singapore credit card.

  2. What a grand counter! We have a big one here, but not such a big wall display! I haven't seen this collection yet. I'll have to decide when I do, but I'm looking at Gold Hercule already!

    1. Hey Sunny, I simply love ETKs. It's so hard just limit myself to a few :)

  3. Wah the ETKs are such an eye candy!! Feels like getting it ASAP :p

    1. Meryl better make your reservations quickly, I suspect these will sell out quickly.

  4. hi Jac,
    thank u for your reply, you are such a darling!
    the ETK intense 30, 32, 34 are sold out at now, next time must act fast like u :)

    1. Aw... Eunice you know the thing about buying quickly, I tend to get buyer's remorse quite often. I hope these are worth it. So did you manage to get any for yourself?


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