Friday, August 30, 2013

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Palette 06 Coral Shades Swatches and Reviews

This is the last Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Palette I am featuring and my favourite. I love corals.

My natural lip colour with lip balm
I must apologize for the horrible condition of my lips. It totally does not have anything to do with the lip product. I decided to in one Sunday afternoon do lip swatches of all the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist palettes. That is a total of 15 lip product application, removal and prepping. On hind sight it wasn't the best idea I had. As you can see, my lips were protesting by the time I came to my last palette.

N40 Natural on my lips.

39 Intense on my lips.

N39 on my lips.

N41 on my lips.

Finally 42 Intense on my lips.

Obviously my favourite has to be 42 Intense. Of all the three palettes given to me for review, I love this palette the best. I like that they included more of the Natural formula because the sheerer formula makes most of the shades look good for my skin tone. I can't take too light opaque shades. It makes me look like a zombie.

Ratings: 3++ lipsticks

Disclaimer: Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist 03 Warm Beige Swatches and Review

I have here today the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Warm Beige palette for review. As you can see, this palette is full of nudes and a lovely orange red shade.

To be honest, I find it hard to wear most of the shades in this palette save for the last two shades. I find nudes in intense pigmented and opaque formulas very hard to pull of on my skin tone.

No. 22 Satin Nude

No. 23 Satin Beige


No. 28 Satin Light Taupe

This is the most wearable nude for me.

No. 21 Pearly bright red

My kind of colour!

The 03 Warm beige palette is not a palette I would pick for me skin tone or even those with darker skin tone. It features just too many too light nude shades for me which even if I had mixed and matched I would probably not get shades I wanted. I wished it had a even darker nude. I had a had time getting No 22 and No 23 to look natural on me. However you you are fairer and love your nudes this would be a great palette to pick up.

Ratings: 2 lipsticks (just because I don't love 3 out of the 5 shades)

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Kaleidoscope Collection Eyes To Kill No. 32 Gold Hercule, No. 33 Scarab Violetta and No. 34 Blue Beetle quick swatches

I just received this last Wednesday and I thought I will interrupt my regular posts to show you quick swatches of the new Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill from the Kaleidoscope Collection. I will do an in depth review and looks with the Eyes To Kill but for the moment feast your eyes on these beauties.

I bought this from Sak's Fifth Avenue because I wasn't sure whether we would get them at the Singapore counter but yes you can but be sure to reserve them.

Based on online swatches I decided o pick up Gold Hercule, Scarab Violetta and Blue Beetle. I feel like  should get June Beetle too. (Hehheh)

Here are the quick swatches. On the left I have swatches the ETKs dry on and on the right I have swatched them wet.

I will leave you will these to tantalize you first. Detailed reviews and looks will be up as soon as I can.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Palette 02 Cool Pink Shades Swatches and Reviews

(Taken from the press kit)

Embracing Color Freedom is the concept behind this creative collection of 8 ROUGE ARTIST LIP PALETTES. We have specially designed each palette such that it offers an assortment of 5 lipstick shades specially selected for you to wear for any kind of occasion! Together, the amazing colors of ROUGE ARTIST Intense and ROUGE ARTIST Natural opens the door to an infinite range of effects on your lips: from discreet to dazzling, and from barely-there to out-there-in-your-face. They say that lips are the ultimate symbol of a woman’s femininity – so why not use these palettes to express who you are? You can wear a different shade every day according to your mood or blend the colors to create your own, personal, unique color.

For the first time, a selection of ROUGE ARTIST Intense and ROUGE ARTIST Natural shades has been combined into 8 palettes. Each reflects a different color family: Warm Pink, Cool Pink, Warm Beige, Cool Beige, Red, Coral, Brown and Plum. There’s a palette for every taste, and each one contains 5 shades with warm and cool harmonies in perfect accord. They are dense enough to easily blend into an even, consistent color. ROUGE ARTIST LIP PALETTE: the ideal color chart to select whatever depth of color your heart desires. SGD 72

Today I will be showing you the first Rouge Artist Palette which is Number 02 Cool Pink.

The Rouge Artist Palette comes in a handy metal casing. It has  a wide mirror, perfect for touch ups and I love the handy lip brush enclosed. I don't know about you but I need lip brushes. I don't have the most even lips so lip brushes help me to achieve precise lip lines and not a messy application.

All Rouge Artist Palettes features 4 intense shades (highly pigmented) and 1 natural shade (sheer). The middle shade being the natural shade.

Don't you just love the lovely fuchsia on the right? So pretty! I generally find the lighter shades a little too light for my skin tone but that's not a problem. I can mix and match and customise a shade I am happy with. Which is the cool thing about these palettes.

Left to right: No. 10 Intense, 33 Intense, N26 Natural, 34 Intense and 9 Intense
No. 10 Intense is a very light metallic pink that is way beyond my comfort level.

No. 33 Intense is a bubblegum pink on my lips.

N26 is a lovely sheer pink.

No. 34 is about my favourite shade of the bunch. It is a a lovely bright rose pink shade.

No. 9 Intense on my lips. It is a cool fuchsia with a slight metallic shine.

The Rouge Artist lip Intense is pigmented and feels comfortable on the lips but are not as creamy as some of the luxe brands. It takes a little effort to get enough product using the lip brush. I find that using my finger helps warm up the product and gives me a lovely stained look. I prefer the Natural formulation, though sheerer feel more emollient and glides more smoothly on my lips.

I like that there are a range of shades but somehow feel that the lightest shades don't do with my skin tone. As I mentioned the fun part of this palette is mixing it just like you would with your paints to get the colour you desire. There are endless possibilities so at SGD $72 you get quite a lot of bang of your buck.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.