Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tea with a friend at Paris Baguette and other ramblings

I have been cooped up with DS for the entire week, last week due to the awful haze. I was actually looking forward to a nice restful week before starting work. DS would be away for science camp from Monday to Friday and I was looking forward to me time. Well things never go as planned and instead of a restful week, it was gloomy, depressing and worrying. Last Friday morning DS asked to use his inhaler because he felt he couldn't breathe properly and I was so worried. Thankfully he felt better but I decided to pull him out of camp. It was a good decision because PSI levels went past 400 that day.

So yesterday when Meryl from Memoiselle asked me for tea. I jumped at the chance. Being stuck at home with two 'boys' (the small one and the big one) is no joke. I think I had it up to here with fart jokes and boys stuff. I want to do girly things! Thankfully the haze was better so we decided to have tea at Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria. It was my first time there and I love the place!

Meryl ordered Royal Pudding for me to try and they were absolutely delicious. I have to have them again sometime.

All their pastries and cakes looked so inviting and as much as I want a taste of everything, that's not quite possible. I chose a non-traditional looking tiramisu and a strawberry pyramid. These were light and flaky. They were not so big so I could finish these easily.

The thing about us, we are obsessed with taking pictures of everything! Here is a very nicely arranged view of the stuff we had.

Anyway two really frivolous things have been on my mind for quite some time. First, I have been wanting to get a more professional camera for quite some time now. I long to be able to take better product pictures and self-potraits. So last week, one of the things I did to while away my time was look at reviews of cameras. The Olympus Pen Lite camera caught my eye and stayed in my mind. I went twice to Best Denki to play around with it and decided to get it. So the pictures you see here are my first attempts at using it. It is going to be a steep learning curve. I'm still having problems with macro shots and somehow my Nikon AW110 seems to do a better job at taking closeup eye lid pictures.

Here are some pictures we took of ourselves. I kinda liked how these turned out.

The second frivolous thing was handbag lust. It is shallow I know but I've been wanting a luxe bag for quite sometime now. It is just that nothing really caught my eye until I laid my eyes on Ruby's Balenciaga bag. I held it and wouldn't return it to her! I know I wanted something bigger but from the pictures on the internet I couldn't really tell the size and how it would look on me. Both of us went down to the Balenciaga store at Hilton for a see-touch-hold session. I really liked the part-time and city style. There were two bags that I liked. It was hard to walk away from the store but I had to think about it. This was my first handbag and I wanted to make a good decision.

You know what? I went back to the store today. What can I say, I'm the kind that seeks instant gratification.

I know the gold studs are flashy but you know what, they are so me.

Incidentally when I got home the sky had turned dark. It looked like it was going to rain. DH and I went down for a late lunch. While we ate our laksa, we watched it get ready to rain. There was that sense of anticipation in the air. When it did, it was a glorious sight. Never will I take fresh air, blue sky and glorious rain for granted. It felt so good feeling the rain splatter all around us.

It only rained for a short while. As I look out of my window now, I see that the sun is up again but the sky is clear and the air smells fresher. I think the rain made me happier than the bag did.

I hope my Singaporean readers are taking care of yourselves. I hope the haze will be gone for good but it may not be so, so we must be prepared. Let's treasure this brief respite and not take things for granted. I think over the past few days we have seen really good people coming forward and helping others and we've also seen bad behavior. I would like to think we are not like that, given the chance we will all try to do what is good.

You know what I'm going to do after this? I'm donning my jogging shoes for a jog. I haven't had a good jog in over a week (I ran yesterday too).

Go out everyone, do something outdoorsy and breathe in the fresher air. Take care and hydrate yourselves.


  1. Oh! Nice bag. Plus, I have heard of this place, and been wanting to go to. Timely post, you have here. =)

    1. Hey Jyoan, thank you. You should go to Paris Baguette, their sweets are awesome.

  2. Dearie, it was a really good tea time with you. Let's have it again soon :)
    And yay that finally you got the bag!! So happy for you and I NEED to see you wearing that bag soon!!

    1. Meryl my dear, I can't wait to meet you for tea again.

  3. So fun!! Wish we could have met up too =) The haze really threw a wrench into all my plans, it was so crazy..

    You got a Balenciaga too!! Hahaha I completely understand the urge and remind me to tell you about my purchase story when we finally meet!

    1. You have to tell me your bag story and show it to me, I'm dying to see it babe.

  4. Hi 5 Jaq ! Twin bag ! It's just that my studs are G21
    ! Love your bag and it's really so you :)

    1. I love love lve my bag, yay we are twinnies! Bag lust is A long slippery slope, I tell myself not to look at anymore bags.


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