Monday, June 10, 2013

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever HD Powder with new packaging Review

(Information taken from the press kit)


The New, Improved Make-over

• Exclusive Patented Packaging
Spill proof and prevents unnecessary wastage

• Integrated Tailor-Made Sifter
Allows for convenient and flexible usage

• Protective Sticker
Guarantees packaging’s cleanliness and hygiene

To celebrate its success and to take HD HIGH DEFINITION POWDER to the next level, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of the brand, spent months perfecting a new manner of presenting the iconic powder with the help of her Research and Development teams.

The result: A new patented packaging, with a practical jar and tailor-made sifter, allowing an easy, flawless application. The challenge faced by MAKE UP FOR EVER was to invent a powder with avant-garde technology. The result is a powder with micro-particles so fine that they even out and smooth the complexion without being seen. The powder’s revolutionary texture feels incredible: touch it with your fingers and experience a soft, fine, gliding consistency like you have never felt before.

The wonderful tribe from Make Up For Ever sent over some items meant for the complexion for me to test out. I couldn't be happier. I have for you here, the HD Powder with a new and improved packaging for review. I already own the HD Powder so you can read my review of it here.

Just to recap, I felt that it was very soft and finely milled. It initially did not help me to control my oilies when I first tried it. But now that I am back on Diane, that has taken care of my oil issues and this powder lasts 6 hours on me. I still don't like the fact that it makes me whitish if I apply too much powder. But I figured the best way to apply which doesn't give me a white cast. I will share it with you later.

Left to right: New versus old
I have read in other reviews that bloggers have been complaining about how the powder flies all over the place. I combat that problem by not pulling the sticker out entirely. I cover most of the holes leaving only three to help me control the amount of powder. That has worked for me. However this is not a powder I would bring along with me for travelling because I am afraid of powder spilling all over. I am really glad that Make Up For Ever decided to listen to customers' feedback and do something about it.

Old packaging

Right: The cap
It now has a clever sifter in a bowl-like tray that strangely controls the amount of powder coming out. The cap itself has a nifty thingamajig that makes sure powder does not spill out should you drop it or tip it over. I did a test and threw my new jar of HD Powder all over the bed, rolling it this way and that. When I opened it up I was expecting powder to be all over the place but there wasn't any. Cool! Now I can bring this along for vacations.

Pro Tips for using the HD Powder
  • For best results, use the HD PUFF and apply gentle pressure to the face. Available in black, the color helps you determine the amount of powder that is on the puff. Due to its very fine texture, only a small quantity of powder will remain on the puff.
  • Remove excess powder with the KABUKI BRUSH, which is made of soft and firm bristles that were specially designed to use together with this ultra-fine powder.

I followed the pro tips for using the HD powder. I found that either using the HD Microfinish puff and the kabuki brush to sweep of the excess or using just the kabuki brush gave me a smooth finish without the whitish cast. I have probably been using way too much powder previously.

Anyway I love the HD Microfinish puff , I have been using it with my other pressed powders and I love the finish it gives. Best part, I can wash it and it will be as good as new. The Kabuki brush though synthetic is marvelously soft and gentle on my face.  To be honest though, I am put off by the price tag.

  • HD Microfinish Puff $15
  • HD High Definition Powder $57
  • Kabuki Brush $85
I need to highlight that I noticed the new HD Powder has 8.5 g of product whereas the original HD powder had 10 g of product. 

Overall, HD powder is a nice finely milled loose powder. It does its job to set my foundation. For a normal to slightly oily skin I think this would do a great job of mattifying your face. If you have very oily skin, you may need to touch up more. Remember less is more with this powder. In order to not get a white cast, you need to use very little powder. I don't think you need to get the kabuki brush and puff just to have a flawless finish, you can use your own. They are however great beauty tools if you don't have a puff or powder brush.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. I think I kind of liking the powder hehe
    I heard a lot good things about it!

  2. how would you compare it to Giorgio Armani micro-fil loose powder?

    1. I realize I've been really idling on the GA microfil powder. With this I have to make sure I don't use so much. I find this to be more finely milled but I like that the microfil is flesh toned.

  3. Hey Jacqueline, I'm glad to see Hourglass improving the packaging! I have a tiny sample pot that I still haven't tried yet, but I really should take it out and give it a go! An MUFE artist told me the white cast in photos that we've seen comes from the makeup artists pressing way too much powder onto the skin. If you dust on a tiny amount it does the job and won't produce that white cast! I'll have to figure out how it works.

    1. Yup it took me sometime to understand the
      less is definitely more when it comes to this powder. Try it my dear, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

  4. Hmmmm...interesting. This looks like a great product to try out. I think I am liking this one. I wanna try it out. This will be in my purchase list, def!

    1. Hey Julie thank you for leaving me a comment. Let me know when you get it I would love to hear your thoughts.

  5. This thing is perfect. I especially love the kabuki brush. You're lucky to have the new packaging one! I bought mine years ago and opened it a year ago, there is still so much powder left. It lasts forever.

    The flashback is rubbish. Pure rubbish. I cannot fathom when makeup artists diss the MUFE HD powder. The tone can be so heavy with personal vendetta, it is as though they have been sponsored by other brands, or they have something against people creating a hype about the MUFE HD powder.

    I have been taking all my FOTDs, photos of me with eyeshadow, me with blush, me with lipstick, etc, etc, with MUFE HD powder on for the last one year. There is no white cast, no flashback, no over highlight. The MUFE HD is very matte (although its lasting power may not be the best). I wear the MUFE HD to weddings, for my work photoshoot, my graduation, etc, and it is always so perfect.

    1. Hey Jyoan, I agree these are huge, I can never finish up a tub of loose powder. I had my previous one or at least three years without making a serious dent. This is my main loose powder and I use it all the time. It's good for my slightly oily skin now.


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