Monday, June 17, 2013

Maldives: Makeup Edition

You know I cannot resist buying makeup items at the DFS shops in Changi Airport. The moment I know I am flying I will start making a list of things I have to pick up. So here is my Maldives haul so to speak. DFS at Male International Airport isn't as good as Singapore. I will always advise my friends to shop before departing to their destination. You save on GST.

My mascara is more than a year old. So I thought I better change it. I use to own the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara.  remembered liking it so I picked that up for SGD $39.50. I have been eyeing Convoitise ever since I heard it was out. I love Illusion D'ombres a lot. It was going for SGD $41.30 as compared to SGD $52 in town.

I grabbed this after reading Sunny's post from Most Sunny. I don't usually buy travel palettes because I am sure I will not use some items but this looks like an all around winner for me.

I blame this on Meryl from Memosielle. After seeing her post on it and seeing her swatches I knew I had to have it. You can only buy this on Singapore Airlines flights if I'm not mistaken. I bought this beauty for SGD $71.

On to something makeup related. I have a tendency to bring too many makeup items for my trips, this time around, I packed very little (pats myself on the back). Can you imagine I restricted myself to just three lipsticks, one blush and a few of my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and my new Chanel Stylo Eye Shadow in Moon River. In the end I did not put on any makeup at all save for my NARS Satin Lip Pecil in Luxembourg. 

Excuse the cheesy picture. I was over the moon to be served noodles with duck breast. Here I am sans makeup.

It just seemed too OTT to put on makeup at a beach resort. I did however see ladies toting their Chanel bags and walking in their heels and getting trapped in the sand. I seriously don't get that. Why would you bring your expensive handbag to a beach resort. No one is going to care. Everyone is busy looking at the marine life. I can't say I am the most practical person around but it just boggles my mind. Okay end of my mini rant.

Swatches and reviews soon I promise. I currently have most of my posts on a schedule (I have been very productive heh, I pity my wallet.) Be patient, you will see the swatches soon.


  1. great haul! I can't wait to see swatches:)

    1. I have so many posts of schedule my dear heh heh. Be patient with me.

  2. Is Convoitise already available at local stores? I was just at the counter earlier but ONLY had eyes for the Les Beiges LOL

    1. Joyce I saw it at the DFS but I'm not sure if it is in local stores yet. Did you get anything from Les Beiges?

  3. Aww thanks for the link love, Jacqueline! You've got a nice little haul there! I totally blame Meryl for wanting that Shu palette too!


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