Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dior 5 Colour Iridescent Eye Shadow 659 Crush Glow swatches and review

This is part of Project Swap that Ruby from Miaka's Life and Loves and I have embarked upon. I love playing with other people's makeup! Ruby has passed to me her favourite Dior eye palette and I can see why she loves it so much.

The few Dior palettes that I own have not been given enough love from me because somehow the palettes I have chosen just don't seem to work for me. The only Dior palette I truly like is my Five Gold palette I bought in 2010. I stopped buying Dior palettes since my Garden Pastel quint.

This is a lovely summer palette. I always liked the quality of the eye shadow formula from Dior unfortunately I just haven't found a palette with colours that worked well together for me. So I'm totally in love with Crush Glow just because all five colours work well together .

I love the warm gold peach shade found on the top right hand corner of the palette.

Here is a look I did to go out on a Sunday. There was a change of plans and we decided to head for the beach instead. I don't normally wear eye makeup to the beach in case you are wondering.

Light peach gold shade as a wash of lid colour all over the lids and the light pink shade as a brow highlight.

I applied the light taupe shade on the lids up to my crease.

Next I applied the darkest copper brown shade on the outer corner of my lids. Then I added a dash of the orange coral shade as a contour.

Oops I look kinda stunned or stoned in this picture. Now you know how I look like with my hair tied up.

Crush Glow is a lovely day wear palette with soft colours. Although I love the colour combination I wish the middle orange coral shade was a little more pigmented.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. those are very prett shades:)

    you look beautiful with your hair tied up:)

  2. My friend actually told me about this, as she loved it so much. Sounds good from you’ve said too. Might actually have to go try it now. Thanks. Big fan of your blog too by the way. xxx

    1. Aw... Laura, thank you. I hope you'll tell me how you like it when you try it out. Such a lovely palette for summer don't you think?

  3. Hey Jacqueline, I really never noticed Crush Glow, so thanks for the introduction! I kinda wish there were one more darker shade, because I don't wear very light ones too well. I do love how it looks on you though!

    1. Hey Sunny, I agree that the palette needs another darker colour. It could do without the icy pink and instead have a deeper taupe perhaps. I can only wish.


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