Friday, May 24, 2013

Hakuhodo Slide Face Round and Flat J601 review

(Information taken from Hakuhodo USA website)


The bristles pop out from the tip of the brush when the cap is inserted from the bottom of the handle, allowing you to open and close the brush as needed. The moderately resilient bristles of this powder and blusher brush enable you to achieve a seamless finish and deliver powder to the contours of your face.

Product Info

Use: Powder brush
Hair Type : Goat
Handle Type : Synthetic resin/black
Size: A. Full Length: 125.0㎜ in place 90mm B. Hair Length: 38.0㎜
C. Thickness: 15.5㎜

I decided to buy a retractable face brush from Hakuhodo because I needed something to reapply my blushes and NARS Reflecting Pressed Powder on the go. My old MAC short handle face brush was cutting it anymore. It was shedding and I couldn't put in my cosmetic pouch without it getting dirty. I bought a Sephora retractable brush but it was too hard and prickly. So when Ruby from Miaka's Life and Loves was buying from Hakuhodo I jumped at the chance to get a retractable brush for myself.

The one thing I love about Hakuhodo brushes, is the high quality. All the brushes I have bought (I usually buy the mid range ones) have not let me down. It keeps it shape after wash and never smells of goat. This is a very soft and fluffy brush so it is more suitable for blush application. I found that it could not pick enough powder for my NARS powder.

The plastic casing is study and it is easy to slide the brush up and down. It fits nicely into my cosmetic pouch and I couldn't be any happier with it.

It costs USD $39.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. This brush looks great, perfect for touch ups on the go! x

  2. Oooh... so dense and fluffy! Great pick!

    1. Isn't it. By the way I found my best way of picking up the NARS Reflecting powder. I found that brushes just don't pick enough for me as well. I have been using a Make Up For Ever velour powder puff. So far so good.

    2. Yes, velour puff is indeed the best way to pick up the Nars pressed reflecting powder! You know what, the more I look at the pics of your brush, the more I'm convinced I need to get one too! LOL

    3. Hehehe reading beauty reviews always make me spend more money. I see something I convince myself I have to have. If you don't have a retractable one this is a lovely one to own.

  3. I don't have any retractrable brush.. I think I need one then :p

  4. I want this brush hahaha Looks so beautiful and very nice to use. I heard a lot of good things from this brand! And still waiting for it to launch in Singapore and I can try to get haha Lucky you already have it ^.^

    1. I'm not sure if Hakuhodo will come to Singapore but don't wait go get some online. I love their brushes.

  5. Oooh this looks so luxe and lovely! I REALLY need to start working on my brush collection...I've never been big on brushes and always prefer to spend my money on makeup :P But I do need some new brushes! I have a lot of spending to do before I can invest in some, though. I have a few more items from the summer collections that I absolutely NEED then I am going to have to start buying some organizers so I can FINALLY get my "beauty closet" under control! THEN I will be able to buy some pretty brushes! Hakuhodo is definitely at the top of my list!

  6. Becca, I love summer collections too and I tell you it's killing my wallet. If you ever wanted to try quality brushes choose the Hakuhodo ones and the best part you don't have to pay for the premium ones to enjoy so luxurious brushes. The middle range ones are enough.


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