Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil No. 1 swatches and review

Here is another post about another eye pencil. I hope you don't get sick of these because in my quest to get my HG eye pencil, I have amassed quite a few. My latest addition to my "harem" is the Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in black. I cannot not buy an eye pencil which claims to be waterproof, I'm that obsessed!

I bought this at Nordstrom for USD $28.

Top to bottom: Three eye pencil and Giorgio Armani eye pencil
I apologize for the blunt tip, I wore this the next morning when I received this. I just couldn't wait.

This is about the softest and creamiest eye pencil I have ever owned. It takes a while to set so it can be easily smudged with the smudger for a smokey eye. It is the deepest black colour without any shimmer or sparkles.   Since I like a sharp precise line, I find that I have to sharpen it quite often.

Top to bottom:
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil Zero
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
Clio Gelpresso
Chanel Stylo Yeaux
Giorgio Armani
I dug out all the black eye pencils I own for swatches and the smudge test.

Left to right:
Giorgio Armani, Three, Chanel Stylo Yeaux, Clio Gelpresso, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil Zero
After a vigorous rubbing
After a saline bath and rubbing
I really want to love this but I can't. The texture and quality is better than the rest of the eye pencils I own but it still doesn't last on me. Someone told me that it is because of my hooded eyes. 

I really like how it looks on first application on my waterline but within the hour it smudges. Another annoying thing is how hard it is to remove. I use a eye makeup remover, followed by a oil based makeup remover for the face and finally a cleanser. After washing my face, I still get raccoon eyes which I have to remove yet again with a makeup remover.

If you don't have issues like mine, you will love this eye pencil, it is just not for me. Boo!

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks


  1. I hope you find your perfect eyeliner soon!

  2. I have monolid and hooded eyes so I do agree that because of this, there will be inevitable smudging.

    But for an eyeliner that smudges and yet still so hard to remove, it's disappointing.

    1. Exactly dear, it was so creamy and I had such high hopes. Sigh.

  3. Aww sorry that it doesn't work that well for you :( From your pictures, the Chanel Stylo Yeux works better. Since I already have that Chanel, I think I don't need this one anymore.

    1. Meryl, Chanel is my HG eyeliner and it does look it works better from the pictures.

  4. I love this pencil except it makes my eyes itch. And that is SO sad.


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