Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burberry Spring 2013 Siren Red Collection

I just wanted to give you the heads up about the Burberry Siren Red collection that has finally reached our shores. Braxius at the Burberry Tangs counter send me word and I went down to check it out last Saturday.

Lip Glows

Mallow Pink (No. 19)
Pink Sweet Pea (No. 20) (Limited Edition)
Fondant Pink (No. 21)
Coral (No. 22)

Light Glows

Coral Pink No. 09
Hydrangeo Pink No. 10

I think the blushes are what has been sending makeup addicts into orgasmic excitement. They are the prettiest things ever. As much as I would like to own both, Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink look very similar except that CP is slightly warmer and sheerer. HP is a solid pigmented fuchsia pink that frankly I'm not confident to wear.

The glosses are pretty especially the bright ones but I'm not a gloss kinda gal so I safely skipped that.

Sheer eye shadow

Gold Pearl No. 26

I initially wanted to get No. 26 Gold Pearl but I have been hearing that it is kinda sheer. I find the texture soft and finely milled but the colour just didn't strike me as a must have.

I only picked up Coral Pink blush.

I seriously don't think you need both blush even though the temptation to get both of them is very great. They were sold out by the time I went to the counter two days after it was launched. But don't worry, they are permanent so you can still take your time to get them.

If you love glosses you have to check Coral and Pink Sweet Pea, they are very pretty.


  1. This blush is gorgeous, Jacq. i would pick this shade between the 2 as well.

    I love that Burberry always try to make their items part of the permanent range. Wonderful news for procrastinator like me. haha

    1. Exactly, we are not in a rush to buy, sometimes I seriously hate le stuff because they just want us to rush out and buy it.

  2. oh this Fondant Pink gloss is so pretty.

  3. Awesome collection, I especially love the blush.

  4. Can't wait to see Coral Pink on your cheek :)

  5. Ugh stop tempting me with Coral Pink!!! I'm still a bit intimidated by the level of pigmentation, but it's so darn pretty! I need to pick a blush up to try soon!

    1. I feel this is easier to work with than Hydrangea Pink, I use my softest blush brush or even my MAC 187 duo fiber brush to apply this on my cheeks.


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