Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Up For Ever Spring 2013 Technicolor Eye shadow Palette swatches and reviews

I am very excited to show you my brand new Technicolor palette. I see all the bright colors inside and it makes me happy. I really love the fact that Make Up For Ever decided to buck the trend of soft pastels and went for something so bright, fun and vibrant.

I always felt that makeup is supposed to be fun, so experimentation is good!

My eyes was instantly attracted to the yellow, green and blue, such beautiful colors.

I would suggest that you use a primer underneath the shadows to really let the colors pop. On the left, the swatch was made without a primer and on the right, with a primer. You can see how the blue is intensified with the primer.

The swatches below were made with a primer.

I am glad they decided to add some neutral colours in this palette. It makes it versatile and something I would gladly bring along with me when I travel.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to get the gorgeous look below.


01 Apply the Yellow Eye Shadow all over the eyelid and on the brow bone, with the help of the 10S brush. Apply the same Shadow on the lower lash line using the 16S brush. 

02 Using the 10S brush, apply the Eye Shadow #72 (Turquoise) on the outer corner of the eye into the crease and blend it with yellow shadow by using the Eye Shadow #91 (Apple Green) as the intermediate color. Using the 16S brush, apply the same shadow along lower lash line and blend with the #91 (Apple Green). 

Tip: To give more intensity to the lash line, apply Aqua Eyes pencil 12L before applying Eye Shadow. 

03 Apply the Eye Shadow #00 (White), at the center of the brow bone to create highlight. 

04 Apply the Eye Shadow #126 (Yellow Beige) on the inner corner of the eye, and blend inside the eyebrow. 

05 Using the 16S brush, apply the Eye Shadow #72 (Turquoise) on the upper lash line to better define and intensify. 

06 Finish with the Smoky Lash application.

Very pretty right? But of course how would I translate it to Asian hooded eyes like mine. Here goes.

First, I apply the yellow shade all over my lids with my Suqqu eye shadow brush. I love this yellow. It is bright, not garish. And dare I say suitable for Asian skintones.

Next, I applied a bright aquamarine eye pencil. I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On eye pencils in Electric. Then a dabbed the bright blue eye shadow over the pencil.

I added more blue on the outer corners of my eyes and dabbed green next to the blue. Then blend.

I lined the bottom lash line with Electric and added the bright blue from the palette.

I added lots of mascara to bring out the brightness of the eye shadows.

With a look like this, the rest of the face must be muted so as not to class. I used Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural N5 for a perfect nude lip that does not wash me out.

While I was cam whoring this little birdie decided to pop by the tree near my window. He was so fat and fluffy I couldn't resist taking his picture.

The final look is a nude eye look I wore to pair with my favourite red lips.

Sweep the nude beige shade all over lids.

Add the brown on the outer corner of the eyes and blend.

Add my favourite black liquid eye liner and tight line with a black pencil. Add fake lashes and viola! Done.

This is a great palette to own just for the three stunning shades alone. It is versatile enough for the adventurous and for the less adventurous who wants to experiment with a little color.

All I have to say is, don't be afraid to try and experiment. Makeup is supposed to be fun, not stuffy and serious.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Nice look you created Jacq! It's so lively and actually it reminds me of a beautiful peacock :)


    1. Thanks Meryl, I am very happy with the look too, it is colourful yet wearable.

  2. I like both of the looks you have created, its an interesting looking palette, though I know I wouldn't get use of the yellow ;) x

    1. I was wary of the yellow too but surprisingly it worked well on me. I tried the lilac and brown combination for a lovely soft look as well. All in all I'm happy with the various looks I can achieve with this palette.

  3. these colors look beautiful on you!

    1. Thanks Caise, i love playing around with this palette.

  4. The first look you created is gorgeous! I am totally scared off by the blue and yellow and this look really change my mind.

    1. You should try the yellow, a light wash actually loks quite good Ruby.

  5. The first look is really gorgeous! I was scared off by the blue bad yellow and the look you created really changed my mind.

  6. You look really nice in that blue/green combo Jac!! It's so nice to see you experimenting with those colors :)
    And as always, you look stunning with that bold red lip.

    1. Joy I'm taking a cue from you, you rock with bright colours too.

  7. Whoa, it's amazing how you made the colorful look so wearable! I guess it's all about controlling how high up you blend. Maybe I should stop being a wimp and explore. The neutral look is so simple yet adds so much definition!

    1. I tend to not apply eye shadows too high up, I find that it looks too over done for me. Try it Sunny, you may like it.


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