Saturday, February 9, 2013

Madame Madeline Haul

My Ardell lashes were running low so I made another order to Madame Madeline for new ones. I spied new items and they had me intrigued.

Bullseye Refillable Compact in Just A Girl Taylor USD $11.

It comes with a mirror and a place to store the refillable lashes.

I also bought the refill in Fiona for USD $4.50. I love how natural these look.

I decided to try some Red Cherry lashes that were going for USD $1.99. These are quite long and I worry if they will look too dramatic for my eyes.

Finally, my regular Ardell's 108 and 110. I love these to bits, they are my favourite go tos for easy to use natural looking false lashes.

Do you like wearing falsies? What are your favourite natural looking false eye lashes?


  1. I've never tried false lashes before. Do you have any application/use tricks? The bulls-eye refillable system looks so cool!

    1. Do you know I tried for years and gave up? Trick is to have very flexible false lash bands so the Ardells are great for practicing. Next get your self a good lash glue, my favorite is a brand called DUP that has a brush applicator. Next to line your eyes first with either a black eye pencil or liquid liner, make the line thick so even if your place,ent isn't precise it still doesn't look odd. Initially I had a hard time placing the lash close to my lash line and it would look very odd. But with a tick eye liner it doesn't look obvious. Let me know if you are successful, I find false lashes really fun to apply especially if you get the right ones that enhance your eyes.

  2. Wow that's a lot of falsies! I almost never wear falsies because it's too much work and I'm lazy like that :p I also have to find really natural ones because there isn't so much space between my eyes and my brows. The ones I've seen here feel like the'd go all the way to my eyebrows and that's a scary scary thought!

    1. I have very little lid space too so many of the flasie make me look like I have dead spider legs attached to my lids :) the most natural for me are the Ardells 108, I love them cos they make my eyes look bigger but yet natural.


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