Monday, January 14, 2013

Suqqu Holiday Collection Makeup Kit B EX-10 Hikarikonayuki Swatches and Review

I couldn't resist this. When friends offered to pick this up for me in Japan, I turned them down because the colours in the eye palette look similar the the previous year's. I honestly do not need another warm neutral palette. However when I was at the Suqqu counter swatching them, I can't help but fall in love with the gorgeous formula. The added bonus of the cleanser, cream makeup removal and mascara made it a better deal as opposed to buying just the regular eye shadow palettes.

If I am not mistaken this kit is selling for about THB 4500. Because of the 10% discount and 7% VAT I paid about SGD $150. If I am wrong please let me know. (I have been digging around for my receipt but I seem to have lost it.)

They don't seem to sell this at the Selfridges website so I am unable to compare prices. I did however pay about SGD$140 for last year's set.

The packaging of this kit is a pearly white casing with smattering of gold sparkles as opposed to the black casing of the 2011 kit.

I decided to chose Kit B because it was the warmer version and has a lovely golden champagne shade. Kit A is equally stunning and trust me I had a hard time choosing between the two.

The eye shadows are soft and very pigmented. They almost have a creamy texture that melts onto my eye lids. What I love most about these are the fact they they blend so well together. Coupled with my newly acquired Suqqu brush L, I just need to soft stroke my lids and viola a veil of colour on my lids. I am hopelessly in love.

Left to right: 2012 EX 10 Hikarikonayuki and 2011 EX 06 Usuchaori

Left to right: 2012 palette and 2011 palette
I did two looks to show you how this palette can be used. The first a casual natural look.

Top left shade (golden champagne) all over the lids
Top right shade (silvery taupe) from outer corners of eyes blending in. Line bottom lash line with silvery lilac shade and tight line with black eye pencil.

The second look is slightly smokier.

Apply top right shade (silvery taupe) all over lids 
Apply dark brown shade on lids up to crease. Use more silver taupe to blend and tight line with black eye pencil.

I used mostly Suqqu products for this FOTD.

Suqqu Dual Effect Powder foundation

Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks EX 02 Akanemizu

Suqqu Ex 10 Hikarikonayuki
Suqqu Mascara Volume Long N

Suqqu Creamy Glow lipstick Asasuou

Hikarikonayuki palette and Asasuou lipstick
The Suqqu Makeup Kit is a worthy splurge. I have been using the Reset Cleansing Cream and Refining Foam that comes with this kit. The are gentle on the skin and generally a joy to use. The mascara is so so on my puny lashes. The gold pouch though a little gaudy for my taste is well made and I have replaced my old makeup pouch for this.

The eye shadow palette is obviously the star of the kit. Although the colours are safe, it is also very wearable and idiot proof. I can easily wear this everyday if not for the fact that I have so many palettes to use!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Replies
    1. Don't you just love a great neutral palette? :)

  2. Gorgeous! I have one palette from Suqqu and I have to physically restrain myself from getting more when I'm at the counter.. too exorbitant =(

    1. Yup I wish they were cheaper. I shall be contented with what I have for now.

  3. I think the price is expensive but for Suqqu products, it's quite reasonable (why is Suqqu so expensive :( ?
    Anyway I like the 2012 palette better. The colors are more shimmery and it pops better :)

    1. I would love to know exactly why they are so much more expensive than others too.

    2. You can't beat the Japanese quality! You get what you pay for. I have never tried Suuqu because I am not interested in it, but I love Japanese products, especially their skin care products. They are usually expensive as well, but I would rather buy one good Japanese product, then hoard 20 other, less expensive products. That is my motto. Beautiful palette!

    3. Hey Sandra, thanks for commenting. Great motto, I totally understand you. I stopped buying drugstore brands because I know I won't use them as regularly as my more ex products. Since I paid more for them I should use them more. So which is your favorite Japanese brand?


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