Saturday, January 26, 2013

Origins Plantscription Bloggers' Workshop

I was very fortunate to have been invited by the good people at Origins to get to know more about their anti-aging range of skincare products called Plantscription.

I used to buy their bath and body products and love Ginger and A Perfect World a long time ago (before my faithless eyes turned to other products!) so this was a wonderful opportunity for me to reacquaint myself to Origins products.

Who isn't interested in anti-aging products? I dread the approach of my fortieth birthday. I am honestly afraid of looking old. To hopefully slow down this undeniable aging process, I have been looking towards anti-aging products to help me.

Plantscription has 6 products in its arsenal to help ladies.

It contains Anogeissus tree bark extract, an anti-aging ingredient.

Anogeissus extract as a potent natural wound healer and antimicrobial. Origins discovered that the extract of the bark demonstrated an excellent ability to protect collagen and help boost skin’s natural production levels of a glycoprotein called fibrillin. 

Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser
Plantscription Anti-Aging treatment lotion
Plantscription Anti-Aging serum
Plantscription Anti-Aging eye treatment
Plantscription Anti-Aging eye cream
Plantscription Anti-Aging cream

(Information taken from Origins website)

Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser

This gentle foaming cleanser with Jasmine Flowers and conditioning Oat protein helps dissolve dirt and impurities and release dead cells. Leaves skin looking radiant, smooth and youthfully alive.

Plantscription Anti-Aging serum (30 ml SGD $118)

Although it's not a prescription, in just 4 weeks nature's next generation power plant noticeably reduces wrinkle length & depth. Without the irritation. Visibly helps repair the vertical fret lines between your eyes, the stubborn furrows across your forehead and the deepening frownies that frame your mouth. Youthful "bounce" is revived. Skin is clinically firmer, smoother and more lifted-looking. And with continued use, results improve. 

Plantscription Anti-Aging eye treatment (15ml SGD $78)

As a lightweight alternative to Plantscription™ Anti-aging eye cream, this eye treatment
is a fast-penetrating gel that visibly repairs four visible signs of eye-area aging including the appearance of crow’s feet, cross hatching and crepey lids while lifting and firming saggy skin. 
Formulated with a potent combination of Anogeissus Tree Bark as well as Kombucha (fermented Black Tea), elasticity and turgor are ushered back into the age-hollowed eye area for more youthful-looking skin. Safe for all skin types. 

Plantscription Anti-Aging eye cream (15ml SGD $78)

It is a rich, ultra - hydrating eye cream that quickly absorbs and addresses four major signs of aging including crow’s feet, cross hatching lines, under eye troughs and lid crepiness, while also helping to visibly lift and firm the eye area.

Anogeissus Tree Bark helps to minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases while Centaurium
restores elasticity and bounce to flaccid eye area skin and Kombucha (fermented Black Tea) lifts and firms. 

Magnolia and Cucumber help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Hydrating plant ingredients Squalane and Jojoba moisturize. Proven safe and gentle for all skin types.

Plantscription Anti-Aging cream (50 ml SGD $110)

It is a high-performance face cream that helps address four major signs of skin aging by: visibly reducing lines & wrinkles, lifting, smoothing texture and reviving bounce. Featuring new Raspberry Plant Stem Cell Technology and the collection’s signature anti-aging ingredient African Anogeissus, the highly-effective cream visibly reverses the signs of aging. 

Other Origins products

I was given a press sample of the Plantscription Anti-Aging cream to test out. Currently I am using it in replacement of my regular night cream. I have very oily skin so am not using this in the day just yet. My first thoughts are that it is light weight and easily absorbed. I am trying my best to incorporate some massaging techniques I have learnt from the workshop but I'm hopeless. This cream has a very soothing scent I associate with a good massage so yay to that. I'll do an in depth review of the cream after I used it for a longer time.

The best part of the workshop was finally sitting down and chatting up with lovely Chantana from Everbluec (I am a big fan of her two uber cute dogs) and Kas from Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle  whom I have been following for ages. 


  1. I totally LOLed at the statement "I am trying my best to incorporate some massaging techniques I have learnt from the workshop but I'm hopeless", because that's exactly how it is with me! At events they always teach you how to massage the product into your face, but obviously once I get home, I lazily just smear it on and go to ZZZ. Haha!

    1. Life gets in the way of things eh sweetie? I am always too tired to go through the whole routine so slapping my eye cream, toner, serum and moisturiser at the end of the day is already no mean feat. I don't even have the energy to put on a face mask!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I really wish Origins were available here. My experience with the brand is pretty positive!

    1. Same here, I especially love the ginger range so comforting.

  3. Replies
    1. I must get over my initial shyness, sometimes I don't make sense when I'm talking. Lol


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